Candidate Exposé – Marie Olbrich

Marie OlbrichMy name is Marie and I am 19 years old. Back in Germany I finished school last year and I am planning to go to university this year, although I haven’t made a decision about what to study yet. I always wanted to come to Canada but in the end it was very spontaneous to come here.

Internex is great for me. The people I met through Internex are great and I can say that I made friends for life here. Internex is the partner agency of my German organization so that’s how I got in contact with them.

Currently I am doing an internship at a non-profit organization and I am working in the office but also take a few shifts as a volunteer during the shows. Every year they put on two great shows, which I am currently working at as well. I couldn’t wish for a better workplace. My colleagues are great and they became a second family to me. Here you need to be creative, have to work in a team and be able to multitask. You need to work independent as well.

I am living in a homestay and it is part of the program I choose, so Internex found it for me. My first impression here was as I imagined a northern American city. It also reminded me a bit of home as I come from Berlin, which is even a bit bigger than Vancouver.

I try to take part in as many activities as possible Internex organises, and always enjoy toMarie Olbrich (words) talk to the other students. The pub nights are a great opportunity to meet new people and keep in touch with everyone.

The Rockies were definitely one of the best experiences so far. I went to Seattle with a few friends and did a roadtrip through California and Nevada with people I met through Internex. Greater Vancouver has so much to offer as well and you don’t even need to travel too far.

Canada’s landscape and nature is just beautiful. Also the people here are quite friendly (most of the time). Difficulties I find is that the transit system is not the best and life in Vancouver is quite expensive.

Internex helped me to connect to other people here and to share experiences with them. I would recommend Internex to my friends and I already did ☺ I always loved to travel and I try to visit as many countries as possible. When I get home from this experience I will have a huge BBQ with my family.

– Marie

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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday – Proud of being canadian!

It´s interesting to see how proud canadians are of their Nation. Canada Day is coming, and Molson Canadian did an awesome commercial in Europe to promote the Canadian beer.

Molson Canadian has been known as a great advertising company, specifically known for advertising the lifestyle of Canadians with phrases like “This is our Beer” and “this is our land.”

In this ad, you can see how Molson Canadian distributed Red fridges through Europe with a white Canadian Leaf.

Everybody tried to open the fridge, but unfortunately it had a passport reader, so just those with a Canadian Passport could open it. (lucky them ..hehe). Then beer for everybody!!

I personally think that it was a good guerrilla campaign..very attractive and creative. I hope this Company surprises us with a guerrilla campaign very soon.

What do you think about it?? Did you see another interesting one that you want to search?

I hope you enjoy this commercial, and I wish u a wonderful weekend !



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Picture Your New Life (Win Canucks Tickets)

Hi everyone,

As promised we have another great contest for you. And again we have awesome prizes, namely 2 tickets for the Canucks vs. Minnesota both worth $145 on Monday the 19th of December 7PM!

You regret that you did not participate in the contest of last week, then you definitely should participate this time!!

How can YOU win* : Picture your new life! Make a picture of the list you see below. Add a description to each of your pictures. Just show us your new life in Vancouver! Done? Send it to us!

  • Your new home
  • Your new work/internship/school/farm
  • Your Favorite place in Vancouver
  • Your Favorite Leisure Activity
  • You can choose….

Deadline: 14th of December (already next Wednesday)

Be creative! Because the the most original pictures + descriptions will win!

Imagine if you could watch the Canucks.vs Minnesota! This is gonna be an awesome game! Just try it and send your picutres + description to!

– You have to be an INTERNeX candidate
– Please note that we might use your pictures for our blog

Cheers, Lydia

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PuSh: International Performing Arts Festival

Our dear candidates,

For some of you, this blog will be extremely interesting. The rest might just skip it because it is about CULTURE…

But let us tell you something:

The PUSH International Performing Arts Festival is not culture in the way you might know it. It is one of Vancouver’s signature events, presenting groundbreaking work in the live performing arts.

“The PuSh Festival expands the horizons of Vancouver artists and audiences with work that is visionary, genre-bending, multi-disciplined, startling and original. The Festival showcases acclaimed international, Canadian and local artists and mixes them together with an alchemy that inspires audiences, rejuvenates artists, stimulates the industry and forges productive relationships around the globe. The Festival is a broker of international partnerships, a meeting place for creative minds, a showcase of Canada’s best and an incubator of brilliant new work. The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival Society is a not-for-profit charitable organization. The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is unique among the region’s festivals. Curated, multidisciplinary, international in scope—the Festival stands alone in its commitment to bring together critically acclaimed work from different disciplines under the umbrella of a single festival. The PuSh Festival highlights new ways of storytelling, new forms of staging, new approaches to combining disciplines, and new views on contemporary themes and issues.” (source:

The Festival takes places from January 18 – February 6, 2011 at several venues in Vancouver.
Some shows are for free, for the rest please check the homepage of PuSh.

If you are still not convinced, check out the festival yourself and get inspired!

Your PR-Team

Toronto’s WinterCity Festival 2010

This award-winning festival is returning for its seventh year! A city-wide celebration that offers a wide range of cultural, creative and culinary experiences that can inspire you to ignore the cold winters Toronto has to offer. This Festival has been running from Friday, January 29th but will continue until tomorrow. So if you are free either today or tomorrow i recommend you take a peek. If you are interested in finding out more information about this festival in terms of its dates and times check out their website.