New Online Course Offered by PraXus: Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality – Food Safe

Are you interested in a career in tourism and hospitality? If so, don’t miss out on this great program! INTERNeX has partnered with PraXus to provide you with a great online experience. The Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality: Food Safe Training course will help you develop professional knowledge and skills that will open up a world of opportunity for you in the workforce.

What You Get
This one-month course gives you the most bang for your buck! If completed successfully, you will receive a certificate from PraXus, Emerit, as well as from the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA).

Emerit has been developed by the Canadian Tourism Resource Council (CTHRC) in collaboration with tourism industry professionals. What does this mean for you? It means that this course is your ticket to success! Emerit has become synonymous with excellence, credibility and professionalism in the Canadian tourism sector. In addition, AHLA has served the hospitality industry for almost 100 years and provides the most recognized industry credentials in North America.

In addition to three certificates, if you sign-up before July first, 2010, you will receive your study material for free and pay no exam fees! The best part about course is that the classroom will be right at your fingertips. People from all around the world can sign-up for this program because it is entirely web-based and will be taught through live and interactive online classes.

Program Description

The Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality: Food Safe course will cover all of the necessary information you need to build an exciting career in tourism or hospitality. It explores a systems approach to food safety that answers public health concerns, reduces sanitation risks and ensures satisfaction for food establishment guests, staff members and owners. This program also explains how to define and implement sanitation quality, cost control and risk reduction standards in a food service operation.

How it Works
During online classes, students will give presentations about course content while also speaking about their experiences in hospitality and tourism. In addition to the online lessons, one of the most exciting components will be the guest speakers. Business professionals from around the world will speak about current trends and issues in the industry.

How Long are the Classes?

The online classes will be giving twice a week and will last approximately 2.5 hours. In addition to the online classes, information will also be provided through forums and blogs on the PraXus website.

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