What to do on the weekend?

Another week is coming to an end, and we are not just looking forward to a regular weekend – no it is Labour Day Weekend, which means you have 3 days off! Yes, you got it right, Monday is a holiday. 🎉
But what to do with your three days of freedom?

You can enjoy an easy evening at the Lower Mainland’s massive Shipyard Night Market in North Vancouver. Wander around and just enjoy the local music, art, fresh food and regional products. It is the perfect location to spend a Friday evening – nothing too crazy, you can eat dinner there and just hang out with your friends while exploring what’s on offer.

How about exploring the outskirts of Vancouver? You could plan a daytrip with 40155928480_50ca0297d5_nsome friends, or on your own, to Vancouver Island, Whistler, White Rock or Squamish. While you can have an easy day in White Rock or in Victoria (Vancouver Island) just walking around the city exploring the cute roads and checking out the many shops, you could also get a lot more active in Whistler or Squamish. The wonderful nature offers many different hiking trails which will reward you with breathtaking views over landscapes you probably haven’t seen before.
Once you are back in the Van, the evening offers you another great thing to do: In North Vancouver you get the chance to enjoy some outdoor movies again! And it’s not just one movie, but two. In one night. Great, right?
At 8pm you can watch Finding Dory and at 10pm The Goonies.

Ever wondered how a Japanese festival would look? Well, this Sunday you have the chance to get to discover it. Make your way to Burnaby and try some typical Japanese food, watch a martial-arts show and enjoy an entire tea ceremony. Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Shops are closed today, but you still have loads of options to spend your time on this Monday. There is a Cyndi Lauper concert at the PNE, so get ready to have some fun singing along to her all-time classics and some new hits. If you don’t want to spend money on a ticket to her concert, why not visit the Taiwanese Festival in Downtown Vancouver. You can enjoy amazing Taiwanese culture, their food and even some Taiwanese art in the streets around Granville and Robson.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

– Elisabeth

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Candidate Exposé – Anna Hood

My name is Anna, I am 21 years old and I am from the UK. I am studying Geography in England and am about to enter my fourth and final year.

Anna HoodI decided to come to Canada, because Vancouver sounded right up my street and very similar to Scotland (where my parents live), but on a larger scale. I found INTERNeX via an Australian travel agency. They put me in contact with INTERNeX, who then put me in contact with the tour company I ended up doing my placement at.

I absolved my placement at the tour company. I loved it! I met amazing people, friends for life from all over the world and learnt a lot about sales in general and British Columbia. This practicum was a part of my university program. Even though it was not that useful for my career goals, I still thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

When I first arrived in Canada, it looked very dull and grey since it was raining, typical Raincouver. So, it looked like it lacked character. However, I knew of the beauty surrounding Vancouver, so I didn’t let this cloud my judgment. At the start of my placement, I felt very lonely, especially in my work place, but this improved quickly. I lived in a shared house in Vancouver. It was a good base to commute and participate in my daily activities in downtown. I didn’t want to leave Vancouver anymore, when I had to leave.

Anna Hood (words)I attended some of the events that INTERNeX organized. They were good! I went to a handful of the pub nights, for example. Other than that, I did a lot of activities in Canada – hiking, skiing, cycling and surfing. I mainly went with my placement company. I also traveled to Whistler and the Rockies. It was nice to do something every weekend. Work hard and play harder! It is very hard to pick a most memorable thing I did in Canada, but I will definitely remember cycling round Stanley Park and the Rockies.

I like the cultural diversity in Canada. I found it very hard to meet any Canadians, which I thought was nice and made me feel less like a foreigner. Plus it made me more culturally aware and I learnt more about places like Korea, that I didn’t know much about before. This trip to Vancouver inspired me to live abroad as I have traveled a fair bit, but Vancouver was the first place I had lived in for longer than a month, besides my home. I would love to travel to Australia, since I met a lot of Australians in Whistler.

The first thing I will do when I come home, is eating a big plate of the classic English dish: beans on toast.

– Anna

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Are you a fan of arts and culture? Then is here your chance to enjoy Vancouver’s arts scene and save some money at the same time!

The Cultch, an innovative arts and cultural hub, offers great deals closing out their season. You can visit the show “The History of the World Based on Banalities” at York Theatre until May 5th. It is a story about a boy who looks back on his mother’s life and discovers small and seemingly meaningless banalities that tie them together. Best part of it: if you are between 13 and 26 years old, you pay only $5 for your ticket! Just type in the promo code WORLD online and you receive the discount. Check the other shows out as well, but be fast. “World Without Us” and “The Explanation” are only playing until April 29th.

A must-see for all art fans is of course the Vancouver Art Gallery. Best time to visit the gallery is Tuesday night between 5 and 9pm. In these hours, you can save a lot of money, because the ticket is sold by donation. Current exhibitions are “Bombhead”, “Living, Building, Thinking: art and expressionism” and ‘Takashi Murakami: The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg”. Next time it rains on a Tuesday night, you will know what to do.

IMG-20180412-WA0023But what if the sun is shining and you do not want to spend your time inside? Luckily, Vancouver offers many opportunities to explore art in the street. Just keep your eyes open and take a look into small side streets, surprises are waiting for you around every corner. Here are my top street art places that I have discovered so far. I would suggest you to take a walk around the building of the company “Hootsuite” in the Mount Pleasant area. Next to the colourful house itself, you can find some beautiful paintings there. You can spot another popular photo location at Burrard and West 4thin Kitsilano. In July 2017, the artists Steve and Sandy Pell were asked to create an interactive public art piece that inspires values like connectedness, positivity and freedom. It worked out! Many people have already posed in front of the huge gold and black wings. #KitsWings has already been used 1,500 times on Instagram. It is really impressive, you should definitely check it out.

Last but not least, you will find a very colourful area around the corner Davie and Bute Street in West End. There are colourful crosswalks and beautiful wall paintings all around. What a pretty place!

I hope you can now enjoy arts without spending (much) money in Vancouver. See you tomorrow at The Lamplighter!

– Kerstin

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Candidate Exposé – Blanca Alanis

Blanca AlanisI am Blanca, 22 years old, from Monterrey in Mexico and I am studying International Marketing at UDEM. This is my last summer as a student, so I decided to come and do my internship and have an international experience. Internex has an alliance with my school and I was looking for an internship program in Canada, and so my teacher of international experiences gave me this option.

I chose an internship because you have the chance to work in another country where the culture is so different than your home. So besides working in the things you like and what you want to do, maybe the rest of your life, you can also learn here how the work-environment is in a different part of the world. Besides that you will be able to bring your culture here as well, and take good things from the place you worked at to your country.

At my placement you have to be a person who enjoys to work, being proactive will helpBlanca Alanis (words) you to gain their confidence so they will trust you to do tasks that they don’t give to an intern normally. If you have creative skills and know how to work under pressure you will make it in this job. I have to say that being an outgoing person will help you to make friends at work and it makes an easier going environment. And the last thing that has helped me a lot is being efficient. They love it when you do your tasks well and fast and when you keep asking for more tasks.

My first impression when I arrived, I remembered I said “It’s super green here”. Every time you are walking or sit in the bus, wherever you turn your head, there are trees and gardens everywhere. At first, I was scared of being by myself at night but you get used to it and you realize that Vancouver is a safe place.

I attend quite some activities and pub nights, and I really like that they organise these things. It helps you in making friendships and to go out. They are such good persons, if you have a question you can ask them and they will help you, they make you feel part of the group from the beginning. I have been to the pub nights, the different museums, beaches, grouse mountain, garibaldi lake, victoria, Lynn Canyon, etc.

What I like most about Vancouver is that the people are kind, the city is super clean and green, the recycling system, how the economy here is thanks to small business and that the city is made for public transportation and bikes, not only for cars.

I didn’t really had difficulties, at first it was just getting used to use the public transportation and feel comfortable knowing that they are safe and always on time.

The most memorable thing I did so far I have to say that being on the top of the garibaldi lake made me feel great, I was tired of waking up so early and I was just about to not going, because I just wanted to sleep but I knew I had to go. It’s a long hike and takes you the whole day, so if you are patience you will enjoy the great and beautiful view. That’s how life works, patience is a virtue and if you learn to wait and being perseverant, at the end everything will be worth it.

This experience inspired me to travel more. Now I know that I want to work in different places, because I like to understand and live the different cultures. I don’t have a specific place, life takes you where you need to be, and so if the opportunity comes to me I’ll go anywhere.

Internex was helpful for me because they help you in the process of finding an internship in what you really want to do. They have different events that give you the opportunity to meet friends and they help you also during your stay to make you feel comfortable and answer all your questions.

The first thing I will do when I get back home is see my family, friends and my dog!!, they are the one who I miss the most, also my food of course, ill see them while we eat some tacos.

– Blanca

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INTERNeX is going to Kelowna!

INTERNeX is planning its first trip of 2017 on the 17th of February. This time we will spend 2 nights in the beautiful city Kelowna. Kelowna is a city on the east from Vancouver. Next to it lays an amazing lake called Okanagan.

Kelowna is known as the warmest place of Canada in summer, which is why this is the perfect place for the making of wine. The Sparkling wine of Kelowna even have won a lot of prices on the world market. Therefore, it would be a great option to do wine tasting during the Kelowna trip. If you are a wine fan, interested in Kelowna’s culture or just an alcohol fan, you definitely should not miss the opportunity to try Kelowna’s amazing wine.

Not such a fan of wine, but still want to get to know Kelowna’s culture? Then you should try out a food tour or check out the Farmers’ and Crafters’ market in Kelowna. Food is a very important part of the Canadian culture and therefore if you really want to feel Canadian, you should get to know its food culture.

It is also a perfect area if you like to get active. Big White is a great mountain where we can go skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing or snow tubing! Skiing is something you really should have done during your stay in Canada, so this trip gives you the great opportunity to try out skiing for the first time. If you do not like snow that much, you can also try out one of the amazing hiking trails in this area. There are a lot of hiking trails around the lake, various parks and even on Big White.

Subscription has to be done at the INTERNeX office or during PuB NiGHT. However, we have preference to arrange everything in the office. The trip costs $240 and you have to pay it in cash, so do not forget to go to the ATM beforehand. Accommodation and transportation is included in this price. All activities mentioned above are optional and are additional expenses. To keep being updated, check out the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1752728721720859/

We only have limited spots available, so subscribe and pay to ensure your spot soon!

– Iris

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INTERNeX Through the Looking Glass -Hospitality Program

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” is what an author named Neale Donald Walsch once said.
It’s Amiel and I’m back once again! The quote above describes one of the core reasons why I began my practicum at INTERNeX. Sticking with what you know is safe and comfortable just as the name suggests. But it also leaves you with an extremely narrow path to travel in the journey of life. Try out new things, go to a different country and live there for a few months! Who knows? You might find out something profound about yourself.

Today we’re continuing with INTERNeX’ programs and will take a look at the Hospitality Program.
The process of this package is bit different from the Practicum Program I wrote about last week.

Just like with a practicum, it all begins with a conversation about what your personal goals are. Do you want to know how it is to live and work in another country? Improve your language skills? Learn about the service industry in other parts of the world? Or just meet people from different nationalities? The Hospitality Program should then peak your interest!By the way, this time you actually do get paid. You could say it’s similar to doing work & travel, but not quite. And here’s why: INTERNeX takes care of everything for you! All you have to do is show up at your chosen destination and dazzle everyone at the job interview the staff helped prepare. This still sounds like a lot of pressure right? But you needn’t be so worried. INTERNeX supports you at every single step you take in order to make you fully prepared, like with giving advice on useful interview techniques for example. Even in the off-chance that you won’t be taken in by the company on your first try, there will be more opportunities lined up for you.

The biggest difference between common work & travel programs and the Hospitality Program is the safety INTERNeX provides. With them you will be able to completely focus on what you want to achieve and enjoy the life of a world traveler! Also, after you start working the staff will stay in contact with you to make sure that you’re satisfied with your experience.
Hospitality offers a great opportunity to travel and gain important life skills you won’t be able to learn so easily elsewhere.
If you want more detailed information on the INTERNeX Programs check out www.internexworld.com

For the upcoming week I’ll be writing about the 3rd main program: Ranch Stay.

Buenos noches!


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Olympic Winter Games 2014: Hockey

Olympic Winter Games 2014, 17 days of exhilarating winter games in Sochi, over 80 countries and around 2000 athletes will be competing against each other in almost 80 event. However for the Canadians only the ice hockey games count, be prepared for some crazy days. Extra for you I looked up some must-knows about the Canadian hockey culture. Just in case you stumble up on a bar full of Canadians watching hockey or to get some extra credit when your fellow workers are talking about hockey.

Hockey was invented in the mid 1850s by British soldiers, which were on duty in Canada. In 1879 students at the University in Montreal gave the game a set of rules. On March 3, 1875, the first indoor game was played at Montreal’s Victoria Skating Rink. Instead of using a ball, they used a puck, to prevent the puck form exiting the rink and hitting spectators.In 1893 the first Stanley Cup was played and awarded to the Montreal HC. The Stanley Cup was invented in 1888 by the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston, to award the best hockey team of Canada. The Montreal Candiens have won the most Stanley Cups, 23 times.The Canucks are named after the Canadian folk Johnny Canuck, who was a skater and hockey player in his spare time.

Beneath  you can find a short overview of the game time during the Olympic Games and especially for the ‘Sweds’ the games are marked blue.

Women shedule icehockey Men shedule icehockey

If you want to we can stream some games at our office, of course not the ones at 4 or 6 in the mornings. Just let me know in the comments if you are interested in watching the games and I will make sure that we can watch them.

Go Canada Go

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