Be aware of the flu!

Some people are lucky that they almost never get sick but the flu is making his round again so I just want to give you some tips. I have some experience with it because I was really sick last week. At the moment I’m doing better but it’s always better to prevent the flu than cure it.

To prevent the flu:
– Use a scarf (even indoors)
– Wash your hands often
– Take vitamins
– Get vaccinated
– Drink enough water

And if you still get sick, no worries it’s normal. Here some tips to cure the flu.
– Take rest (!!)
– Drink plenty of fluids
– Eat nutritious food (with vitamins C and garlic)
– Take a warm bath
– Take painkillers
– Drink tea with honey or lemon and take cough syrup
– Aromatic steam (bowl with steamy water, drape a towel over your head)
– Blow your nose often
– Gargle mildly hot water with salt

I hope you will not need these tips and that it will be a healthy 2011! If you have any other tips, don’t hesitate to add them in a comment.