INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

Hallo y’all

Today’s Casual Friday post is going to be about two people. Germans and Canadians. You wonder how I thought of this? Well, me being a German staying in Canada right now, well what do you think? Ok, no seriously… Being in Vancouver for about three weeks now, I met a few new people already. And guess what, at the moment most of our participants are German. Surprise surprise… Every time I go abroad, I feel like at least every second person I meet is from Germany as well. You kind of get the feeling that Germany itself must be somewhat deserted by now… or as I like to say, you cannot escape us 🙂

With a lot of us travelling, our customs travel as well. You all know, that the most frequent assumptions about Germans are that we are basically all Bavarians, that we love love love our beer and that we eat a lot of Bratwurst. Thinking about all this, I actually found out a few funny things: If you really want to eat a Bratwurst in Vancouver, you do not need a rustic traditional German restaurant. No, you can just go to Chinatown and eat at Bestie’s!  It has, as advertised, ‘Chinatowns finest Currywurst’!!! And if you thought we love our beer, well – think again. Because obviously some Canadians love it even more. You wonder how I figure this? Well, they even brew a special beer for their dogs! Check out this article I found and you’ll see that Germans have to kick it up a nudge to keep up with this.

So what about us trying to be a little more like Canadians for a change? I saw this YouTube video the other day and found that actually quite fitting. So take this as an instruction to blend a bit more in with the natives 🙂

I would say: Challenge accepted!  I expect to see a few more Canadians at the next PuB NiGHT.




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