Smart Saver

This time in our weekly Smart Saver Series we will take you on a ride along the False Creek with the Aquabus.

The Aquabus is operating since 1983 starting with one 12-passenger fleet on the Hornby Street / Granville Island route. During the following years three more ferris made their way onto the water and the Aquabus expanded their routes to the eastern end of the Creek;  Yaletown, Stamp’s Landing and Science World. By 1992 the Cyquabuses were added to the range of the existing aquabuses. The Cyquabus is designed for the many cyclists using the Aquabus.

The Aquabus is not only a ferry which transports you from A to B, but also a lovely ‘sightseeing‘ tour around the False Creek. If you want you can take the route from ‘the village’ to ‘hornby street’. This is a beautiful way to see more of the diversity of the city and to enjoy te beautiful view over the mountains. Once you are at the hornby stop you can make your way to English Bay and enjoy a walk along the beach towards Stanley park.

Depending on the route you want to make the tickets start at $3.25 to $5.50. The mini-cruise cost you $8 and takes about 20min. A day ticket is $15 and very handy if you want get off and different stops during your cruise.

Enjoy your mini-cruise around False Creek 

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