Review: PuB NiGHT at Central City Brewpub

Yesterday’s PuB NiGHT was at Central City Brewpub on Beatty. It was great to see you all there! Thank you for coming!

Central city is a brewery with two pubs, one in Vancouver and one in Surrey. They sell their own beers in the pubs. Next to that they also sell a lot of other beers, so it is a good spot for beer lovers. Besides that they also make their own cider, whiskey, gin and vodka. Every day there is a daily special, which mostly includes a beer and one of the cocktails.


We were placed in one of the corners of the pub where we had a pretty big spot. This was a good thing, as a lot of you showed up. Last time we had a similar kind of spot, but the atmosphere was really different as everything was closed and therefore it was pretty dark in the pub. This time they opened up the back of the pub, which made it way lighter. As many people had their last PuB NiGHT already, there were also people who had their first PuB NiGHT. It was great to see everybody getting along. Yesterday I got the chance to catch up with everybody and heard about all your plans for the coming weeks. After Central City some of you decided to go to another pub to practice your pool skills.

I had a great night and hope you did as well! See you in Victoria!

– Iris

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