How was the weekend?

Was your weekend as busy as mine? I feel like I need another one just to relax. 😀 But all the action was totally worth it!

It started on Friday after work. INTERNeX met to watch the Opening Night of ‘We Will Rock You!’ at Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park. Yes, the show was outside at the Malkin Bowl, so we enjoyed a bit of sunlight and later the night sky above us while watching an amazing show. The Musical features songs of the famous band ‘Queen’ and invited people to sing, clap, and interact which was really fun. We made our stay extra special by bringing some blankets and snacks for a picnic on the little hill. When it got dark the scenery lit up for a great ending! If you missed out on that, don’t be sad, there’s a lot more shows going on, so you have time to enjoy it yourself! I would definitely recommend it. Maybe you like their other show better? Next to ‘We Will Rock You!’, TUTS is also showing ‘Something Rotten!’.

On Saturday we had several groups go out for kayaking and paddle boarding at Deep Cove in North Vancouver. The weather was perfect with a cloudy sky and some sunlight shining through. It was the first time for most of us and in the beginning we were a little nervous to fall into the water, but we ended up staying dry(ish). I really enjoyed the peacefulness of the ocean and mountains with trees around us. We kayaked around little Islands and even saw a seal very close to us! It was a fabulous start into the day. Two hours of kayaking flew by and before we headed back downtown we strengthened ourselves with some coffee and doughnuts. 😉

Of course the day wasn’t over after that. In the afternoon we met to go to the Khatsalano street festival. A whole road was filled with vendors, food trucks, beer gardens and live music. It was really busy, but super exciting to walk around and check out all the different booths. After a while, we needed to go somewhere less crowded though, so we went to Kitsilano Beach where we had some food and drinks while watching the sunset.

The last day of the weekend was probably my favourite. INTERNeX went on a day trip to Victoria, BC’s capital on Vancouver Island. We were a small bus filled with 14 people and met very early in the morning to get as much time as possible in this beautiful city. On the ferry our tour guide Mike introduced us to a game called ‘man hunt’. One person is the hunter and has to count to 60 while the rest tries to hide. Then the hunter has to find everyone and catch them (no running though, only speed walking) to make them an ally and find more people together. We played this game on the ferry and it was super fun! Also a great way for waking up and killing time. 😀

Once we arrived in Victoria we did a small city tour on the bus, went to the colourful Fisherman’s wharf, then to a large pier where you have a wide view over the ocean and you don’t even feel like you’re in a city anymore. The highlight was on our walk back when we spotted an otter family walking around the logs on the sides of the pier. From here we went to grab lunch and enjoyed it at Beacon Hill Park which was beautiful. In our free time to walk around the city, Tim got a fun sketch of himself form a street artist. Camilo and I ran into a Mexican festival with traditional dancing on the street and then went on to see the little ally’s in Canadas oldest Chinatown. It was so pretty and very different from Vancouver’s Chinatown. In general Victoria seems more like a European city than a North American city. It has buildings in Victorian style, no high skyscrapers, lots of cute individual shops, pedestrian areas, etc.

If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely go. The journey is long but it’s worth it. We were lucky to have Mike with us, to show us the nicest spots and drive us around. 🙂

How was your weekend?

Let’s chat about it next pub night!


Laura 🙂

What to Do in Vancouver?

New week new “What to Do in Vancouver” inspirations 🙂

What is Canada without hiking? Do not miss the chance to explore the beautiful hiking trails in the Vancouver area. In this blogpost I will give you some insight into the huge variety of hiking trails with amazing views and the most beautiful nature you have ever seen.

Grouse Grind, Grouse Mountain:

If you fancy a hiking trip right on your doorstep take the Seabus to North Vancouver or a bus ride over the famous Lions Gate bridge to start your adventure on Grouse Grind. It’s a 3-kilometre trail to the top of Grouse Mountain.

From my own experience I can say that this is very exhausting but definitely worthwhile. The view over the city on top of the mountain is unbelievable.
Additionally, have a look at how fast some people have climbed this mountain – there’s a list on top it’s kind of crazy.

Lynn Canyon Park & Suspension Bridge:

This Park features several hiking trails in addition to the main attraction, Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge. It’s smaller than the famous Suspension bridge but it’s free and a beautiful place which is definitely worth a visit. There are trails suitable for every hiking level so just find your perfect trail and enjoy. It’s also a nice opportunity to spend your day in the refreshing 30-foot pool; a nice spot for swimming, having a picnic and of course taking a lot of pictures. There’s a lot more to discover, but you’d better explore it yourself. 😉

Quarry Rock Hike in Deep Cove:

This trail starting in Deep Cove at the Baden Powell trailhead is a really popular hike in North Vancouver and definitely a place where you’ll meet a lot of tourists from all over the world. It’s around 4 kilometers long so it is possible for most hikers. Even if it’s a slightly shorter hike the view leaves nothing to be desired. On this all-season hike you’ll have an amazing view of Indian Arm (that’s why it’s sometimes called Indian Arm Lookout Trail).

St Mark’s Summit:

As a part of the Howe Sound Crest Trail this 11km round trip hiking trail gives you the opportunity to take a longer walk (around 5 hours) and experience Canada’s amazing nature while enjoying spectacular views of e.g. Howe Sound. So, if you’re ready for a more challenging hiking trail; this is certainly a good option.

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park:

Maybe you’re thinking about which trail you have seen on the countless pictures with the crystal-clear blue lakes on Instagram? That’s definitely Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

For this hike you should plan more time, like a whole day, since it is a bit further away from Vancouver and you need a car. It’s one of British Columbia’s most beautiful hikes where you can pass and discover all three beautiful lakes in one trail.

Hope you will enjoy your hiking trips when you get to Canada. 🙂

– Tatjana

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How was your weekend?

The week has started again and even though most of us are probably not very happy about the fact that today is Monday, we can look back on a nice weekend.

For me personally it was a rather relaxed start into the weekend. We had some good weather on Saturday but somehow, I wasn’t so enthusiastic to get out of bed. We all have those days, don’t we? At some point I got up and did some chores and went shopping. I finally wanted to cook something again that I sometimes ate at home in Germany. So, I left and got all the ingredients, at least that’s what I thought, until halfway back home I noticed that I had forgotten an important ingredient. So now I had most of the ingredients in my fridge and was not able to cook, but I hope to get there this week 🙂20190825_140339

My Sunday was a bit more productive in comparison. I left quite early to meet the INTERNeX crew at the Waterfront Station. When the group was complete, we made our way to Deep Cove. The bus ride really takes a while, but we were really lucky with the weather and were rewarded with a sunny and warm day. When we arrived in Deep Cove, we had to hike to Quarry Rock, of course who wants to miss the view? It didn’t take us long to get to the top and admire the view. After that we spent some time in this little sweet town and not to forget we also tried the donuts of Honey Doughnuts and Goodies, one of the most famous donut shops in Deep Cove. Everyone told me before that I had to try these donuts and they were really delicious!


We still had a long way to go back to Vancouver, but we all came back fresh and happy.


I hope you had a wonderful Weekend, a good start into the week and to see you at the PUB NiGHT on Wednesday at Moose’s Down Under!



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How was your weekend?

Yes, I’ve been broken-hearted…  Blue since the day we parted… Why, why did I ever let you go? Mamma mia, now I really know, my, my, I should not have let you go. Those words pop into my head when I think about the weekend. It was a long and fun one, so before we head back to work, I will tell you all about it.

My weekend started Thursday evening. The day was finally there: ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ was released in the Canadian cinemas! Officially, its release date was July 20th, but we were lucky enough to watch it a day earlier. My opinion on the movie? Well, let’s say I would be up for rewatching it. More than once. If you loved the original, I think you will definitely love the sequel too. I laughed a lot and even shed some tears. Yes, I completely immersed myself in the movie. After a fun evening filled with ABBA songs and popcorn, it was time to go home.

Victoria July 2018On Friday, I had another fun day ahead of me. I went to Victoria! Antonia and I took the ferry to Swartz Bay and from there; we took the bus to downtown. Once we arrived, there was one word that described the city perfectly: cute. We spent the day strolling around the city. We saw the BC Parliament Buildings, Fisherman’s Wharf, the beautiful coastline and many cute shops. Taking the ferry and bus for a couple of hours was definitely worth it.

28708528597_2ef377d88c_nSaturday, it was time for our INTERNeX event: Deep Cove. We went on a nice hike in the forest and had lunch with a view when we arrived at Quarry Rock. Since the weather was amazing, we relaxed at the beach for a while when we finished the hike. After that, we got ourselves some delicious ice cream and headed back to Vancouver. When I arrived at home, I took a shower, made dinner and then it was time to leave the house again. This time, the destination was the Bourbon in Gastown. I spent the evening dancing and playing beer pong and giant Jenga with some of you.

After walking a total of 30 kilometers during the weekend, I decided to take it easy on Sunday. I spent the day reading a book in my backyard and watching YouTube/Netflix. I hope your weekend was just as great as mine was!

See you on Wednesday for our PuB NiGHT at 131 Water!

– Angy

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What to do on the weekend?

Yeah, weekend!!! Here’s some inspiration for you:

Next to the free outdoor cinemas, there is another opportunity to watch a show outside. “Theatre under the Stars” currently plays two different shows in Stanley Park. On the program for this weekend are “Cinderella” (Saturday) and “42nd Street” (Friday and Sunday). All plays begin at 8pm and the ticket prices start at $30. But here comes the special: Ask one member of the PR-Team and get to know how you can receive a discount!

IMG_20180719_231402Do you like Thai food? Then your place-to-be for this weekend is the Vancouver Art Gallery, North Plaza, where the 5th Thai Festival will take place. You can visit the culinary tent and enjoy some freshly cooked specialities. Or you can just sit back and watch Thai artists dancing. There will also be a marketplace and, for the first time this year, a fashion runway. Even more good news: the festival is accessible for free and takes place on Saturday and Sunday.


Our INTERNeX gang is going to explore Deep Cove on Saturday. After a small hike (not like last week, promised) to Quarry Rock, we can spend some time at the waterside and stroll through Gallant Avenue. If you want to join us on this day, meet us at 10.30am at Burrard Station.

The weather forecast predicts a hot Sunday. Time to relax, so that you can freshly start the new week.  Luckily, there are many beautiful beaches and parks in Vancouver. English Bay, Kitsilano, Jericho Beach, Queen Elizabeth Park… You name it, the choice is yours!

I cannot wait to hear all your weekend stories at our PuB NiGHT on Wednesday. Have fun!

– Kerstin

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