What to do on the weekend?

What to do on the weekend? Ready to for some exploring? I would dare to guess that the answer is yes, so here are some suggestions of what you should do this weekend.

The East Indian Vaisakhi Parade is in town this Saturday. And now you may wonder, “What is that?” Say no more, here are some facts about the event. The Vaisakhi Parade is one of Vancouver’s most interesting festivals, which celebrates the Punjabi New Year. And where is it going to happen? The parade starts from the Ross Street Temple at 8000 Ross Street just off Marine Drive in South Vancouver. The festival lasts approximately from 10 am to 4 pm.10141279593_02bcd4f4ec_o.jpg

So what’s there to see? Besides being Vancouver’s largest single-day festival of any kind and having around 300,000 people attending, you can also find multiple delicious treats all around the parade. And here comes the best part: it’s for free! You may want to try a curry lunch, ice cream, chips, soft drinks and so much more. Here is an event you don’t want to miss.

More information about the parade:


On Sunday it is time to turn our heads towards the Granville Island. You can find Lukas at Westbound W 4th Ave @ Fir St. at 11 am where the trip starts. From there you will go explore the amazing Granville Island which offers a great variety of things to do, such as shopping, arts & culture, food & drinks and of course the Public Market. There you can find fresh and delicious goods of all kind. Granville Island is definitely worth seeing. Hope you will enjoy your day there.

Facebook event for Granville Island: https://www.facebook.com/events/2161716727474957/

Seems like it is going to be a weekend full of eating? Well, there is nothing wrong with that ☺ Enjoy!

-Jasmin xx

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Yesterday we went to the brand new renovated Elephant & Castle for our weekly Pub Night. It’s an English pub and restaurant that combines British Classics with North American favourites. FullSizeRender
You can find it in the intersection of West Hastings and Burrard Street. Some of us tried their desserts. It looked so delicious and I really should have tried the brownies with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and caramel sauce but unfortunately I was absolutely stuffed from dinner. Anyways, now I have an excuse to go there again and checking out their food offer or at least the desserts. They are also serving Brunch every Saturday and Sunday. Definitely something you should check out!

IMG_2441I really enjoyed last night. Some of us got into talking about the different dialects that can be found in Germany and Switzerland. It was pretty funny trying to explain the differences of our dialects to the others who are not from Germany or Switzerland

Thanks for a very good evening. It was great to see so many of you. Hope the following Pub Nights will be like this as well and it would be awesome if the new arrivals would join the group next time. Don’t be shy! We all would love to get to know you a little better.

Review Granville Island

Last friday we went to the Cheesecake ETC for some delicious cheesecake afterwards we went to the Doolin’s for some drinks.

At the Cheesecake ETC you can choose between the original or the chocolate cheesecake. You can top them with a strawberry, raspberries or with a peanut butter cream. They also have daily specials, which was a cherry topping when we went. If you are not into to cheesecake you can also go for a Raisin & Walnut Cake or French toast. Not only delicious cheesecake can be ordered, also different lattes, teas and cold drinks are offered.

The Cheesecake ETC is located just of the Granville Brigde and opens at 7pm and stays open till 1am. So whenever you feel like dessert at night, this is the place the be. A nice cozy, candlelight-dark place.

After enjoying our cheesecake we decided to go to Granville Island for some drinks and a wander around, however the weather looked like rain, so we decided to go to Granville street and find a pub for some drinks. On Granville street we decided to go to the Doolin’s, a Irish pub on the corner of Granville and Nelson. At the Doolin’s we ordered some drinks and a couple more people went for poutine.

We hoped you enjoyed your cheesecake, see you at the Pub Night this week

ps: Don’t forget the rehearsal before the Pub Night (it’s a must, hehe)

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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Announcement

Let’s meet for a few drinks in our last PuB NiGHT of June !!

This Wednesday pub night (tomorrow night), we will be gathering at Cactus Club in Yaletown, the trendiest area of downtown.

It’s said that celebrity sightings are most common at this Cactus Club Cafe location, that in any other Cactus in the city…So let’s see if we can get a photo with one of them !!

These are the specials for tomorrow:

$4.75 Longboard Lager
$5.25 The Brazillian (cocktail) Ingredients: fresh muddled kiwi, lime, sugar cane, shaken with bacardi white rum and soda, on the rocks.

Come out and don’t miss this amazing opportunity. There is also a very large variety of food and desserts (As u can see in the picture, they look awesome)

We’ll have a good time there !!

  • Where: Cactus Club. 357 Davie Street. (MAP)
  • When: Wednesday, 26th June at 7:30

Hope to see you tomorrow guys, and don’t forget to join us in our facebook event.



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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT @ The Cactus Club Café Review

We spent yesterday’s PuB NiGHT at the The Cactus Club Café on Broadway and Granville. In this fancy place we had a big table in the back room with fireplaces, huge windows and glass roof. We enjoyed very tasty cocktails and delicious desserts, how does this sound: White chocolate cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter crunch bar or chocolate lava cake! This was also a birthday cake for Yvette who celebrated her birthday! It was so much fun to have such a special occasion this evening and we dedicated our drinks to the birthday girl!

Thank you everyone for coming and keep an eye out on our Facebook page and blog for next week’s pub night announcement.

If you would like to see more pictures from last night, please visit our flickr page.


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Smart Saver Vancouver

IKEA is well known for low-priced furniture and household goods, but if you’re looking for a cheap meal, Sweden is the place to go!

Breakfast:  IKEA has $1 dollar breakfast served daily until 11am

Lunch: Make your way to the IKEA Bistro and get a hot dog for only $0.75! Or if you’re feeling extra hungry, go for the combo and get 2 hot dogs and a drink for only $2.

Dinner: Head out for a full meal for $2.99 (Mon-Fri) $4.99 (Sat-Sun). This screaming deal includes 10 meatballs, potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam!

Dessert: IKEA offers $1 frozen yogurt cones, or their famous butterscotch chocolate cake for $2.99.  But if you really feel like getting a good deal, opt for the cake anytime between 2pm-5pm and get a cup of coffee and the cake for only $1.99.

Click here, to see all of the other inexpensive and tasty meals available.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to travel all the way to Sweden to take advantage of these cheap meals.  There are two locations near Vancouver, one in Richmond and the other in Coquitlam.

The Richmond IKEA is located right near the skytrain.  Just head on the Canada Line towards Richmond, get off at Bridgeport Station and hop on the 407 or 430 bus to Sweden Way.

Happy Eating!


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Calling for Chocoholics!

Chocolate Covered Carrots

From October 15 to November 10, 2010, there is a West Coast Chocolate Festival!

Vancouver is known for the good food, especially the festivals that showcase different restaurants or feature a certain kind of food.  In this case, we have the West Coast Chocolate Festival that as the name implies, is solely focused on chocolate!

If you are new to the city, what better way to familiarize yourself by sampling an eclectic and exotic selection of chocolate imported from around the world?

Kick-Starting the Festival

“Panache” kick starts the festival on October 15, taking place in a breath-taking, revolving event space.  Imagine sitting atop most of the city, while indulging in an assortment of rich, luscious chocolate melting onto your tongue.

Chocolate & Tea

For true chocolate lovers, you must want to taste chocolate in all its forms.  Why not try drinking chocolate?

There are chocolate tea menus featuring different kinds of chocolate – hazelnut, dark, mocha.

You might even want to follow the tea with a pairing of chocolate curry chicken sandwich.

Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

Ever watched the movie titled “Charlie’s Chocolate Factory”? If you want to tour the whole production of chocolate, from how it’s made to the final product, you can go on site to witness and sample the creation of this delectable treat.

Chocolate & Movement

To combat the accumulation of calories, there is the very unique pairing of chocolate and movement.

For example, you can partake in a Chocolate Yoga event or a Chocolate Meditation.  What these activities teach you is the enjoyment of chocolate in a mindful state, enjoying every morsel with intent.

I’m sure this month of chocolate featured events will leave you falling in love with Vancouver!

Keep checking out our website for the latest updates of events and features in Vancouver!