Smart Saver Vancouver

As Vancouver can be quite expensive, we would like to help you save money during your stay in Vancouver. Every Wednesday we are going to write about special offers, cheap areas and special events, so you can get the best out of your stay.

Currently, there is an amazing event taking place in Vancouver, called Dine Out Vancouver festival. This is a yearly event which takes place from the 20th of January 2017 till the 5th of February 2017. During this festival you can eat at a lot restaurants for a fixed price. All restaurants create a new menu for Dine Out from which you can choose your courses. There are three different prices offered, you can get meals for $20, $30 or $40 dollar (excluding tax). For this price you get a total of at least three different courses. As it is only the 25th of January, there is still plenty of time to go out for dinner in one of the greatest restaurants of Vancouver. However, keep in mind that some of the restaurants do not take any reservations during Dine Out and it will be busier as well. Even though this could cause a waiting time, this event gives you the opportunity to dine at a more expensive restaurant and is therefore definitely worth to check it out.

Last Monday, we celebrated my birthday and there is one big thing that I noticed. Vancouver is a great city to celebrate your birthday in, as you can get lots 16237741_10208101304591363_27716976_nof things for free. In order to get those free gifts and meals, you mostly need to sign up for a free membership or an email list. In the morning you can get a free breakfast at Denny’s. If you have not had enough breakfast yet, you can also score a breakfast at IHOP. After that you can start shopping free gifts. You can, for example, get free gifts at Sephora and Old Navy. Do you prefer to get a coffee instead of hanging around in the mall? By signing up for the Starbucks gift card online, you can get a drink for free. Finish your day with a free dinner at, for example, La Casita or Red Robin. As a meal is not complete without a dessert, you should get your free dessert at Boston Pizza or Marble Slab Creamery. There are a lot more places for free gifts that can make your birthday as enjoyable as possible.

One thing that you may have noticed already, is that food is not really cheap in a place like Vancouver. Especially brands such as Coca Cola are expensive? mostly not affordable. Therefore, this offer really stood out for us. At the moment, you can get three bottles of Coca Cola at the London Drugstore for $4. If you prefer to drink brands as these, this offer can save you a lot of money.

Hopefully, these tips will help you save some money because the more you save, the more you can do!

– Iris

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What to do for dinner…

Who doesn’t love a good dinner once in a while? And if you can just enjoy it without cooking it up yourself – even better, right? So this year’s Dine Out Vancouver Festival is exactly right for you.

Dine Out Vancouver 2014 runs from January 17 – February 2, 2014.

The whole thing is a promotion idea for Vancouver restaurants which want to launch new menus and new dinner ideas. And the customers get to do the test driving!

The participating restaurants offer three-course menus from $18 to $38 per person and since this festival takes part throughout the city, it is the perfect chance for you to dine out in a different neighborhood than usual. And it’s really easy to make a reservation. Just visit their website, look up the menus and make your choice online (starting January 5).

Have fun imagining the endless creative yummy possibilities 🙂


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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the Weekend?

The sun is shining, but it might not last long knowing how fickle Vancouver’s weather can be! This means it’s time to get out there and enjoy the awesome weather we’ve been getting!

SNOW TUBING @ Mount Seymour

Ready for some of the most fun you’ll ever have? At least, I am! Snow tubing is very simple, you sit on a tire-like floaty thing and you slide down the hill – no experience required. Come and hang out with the crew and meet some awesome people! Don’t forget to wear warm clothing and waterproof clothing if possible.

  • Where? Meet inside Waterfront Station (MAP) to take the seabus to North Vancouver.
  • When? 12PM
  • Cost? $20 for two hours of snowtubing and $8 for shuttle cost to Seymour.

Join our Facebook event for more information.


Vancouver has some of the best and most diverse cuisines in the world, but it can get pricey when you eat out often. This popular annual festival is back and it is a great way to try out some of the more expensive restaurants at a discounted price! Over 200 restaurants in Vancouver are offering set menus of $18, $28, or $38.

  • When? Jan 18th – Feb 3rd

Check out all the menus at Dine Out Vancouver Website and be sure to make reservations ahead of time!

90s DANCE PARTY @ Library Square Public House

Most of us have grown up in the 90’s listening to Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls or Britney Spears. Well, maybe that’s just me. But the 90’s was a great time and it’s time to relive it by dancing to the best music of that era.

  • Where? Library Square Public House
    300 West Georgia Street Vancouver (MAP)
  • When? 9PM to 3AM
  • Drinks Specials? $5.60 Feature craft beer bottles
    $5 House wine

For more information, check out the website HERE.


What more can I say? The season officially starts tomorrow and you can’t possibly survive this weekend without catching a bit of hockey.

There are two games going on Saturday and Sunday night at 7PM and 6PM right here at Rogers Arena. Tickets are, of course, super expensive, but the atmosphere at any pubs in Vancouver will be just as amazing.

Vancity Buzz has found some of the best cheapest pubs around town to watch the games. Check it out!

Happy Weekend!



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Dine Out Vancouver, starts today!!

From today on more than 200 restaurants in Vancouver are going to offer a three-course diner for a reasonable cheap price for only $18, $28 or $30.
As I already mentioned in earlier blog posts the event will already take place for the 9th time and is going to live up to its earlier success from the previous years. For the next two weeks you will have the opportunity to discover various different restaurants and enjoy the delicious food.
Within whole Canada Dine Out Vancouver is the biggest restaurant promotion and a city-wide celebration of food and local BC wine.
From today on also hostels are going to offer cheap fixed hotel rates from 68, 98 and 138 $ per night.
Chose form a variety of participating restaurants with its meals on the official website:

Enjoy your meals and share your experience in telling us which meals and restaurants are especially recommendable.
Bye for now.


Dine Out Vancouver: Coming soon!

As I already mentioned in one of the blog posts in December Dine Out Vancouver is coming up soon.
Already in 2,5 weeks you are able to dine at one of over 200 participating restaurants within the Dine Out Vancouver happening.
High quality three-meal courses will be offered for the reasonable price of 18, 28 or 38 Dollars from the 24th of this month until the 6th of February.
All participating restaurants and meals are going to be published on the official website today!
So check it out!!


Dine Out Vancouver!

Do you love food?
Do you like dining out?
And do you like high quality meals for a reasonable price?

If that’s the case you should go out for dinner for various delicious meals at Dinner Out Vancouver happening.
The next year’s Dinner Out Vancouver event will take place for the 9th time starting from 24th of January until the 6th of February.
During the whole two weeks of the event around 200 restaurants around the city will offer a three-course dinner for an incredible reasonable price for just 18, 28 or 38 Dollars.
Within whole Canada Dine Out Vancouver is the biggest restaurant promotion and a city-wide celebration of food and local wine of British Colombia.
During the event also hostels are going to offer cheap fixed hotel rates from rates of 68, 98 and 138 Dollars per night.
The specific hotels are listed on the official homepage: .
Participating restaurant and meals will be announced on the official website at the 5th of January on.
Soo take out your friends for a delicious three-course meal and enjoy the nice atmosphere in one of the 200 participating restaurants in Vancouver.
More information about the event will follow soon!

2010 Dine Out Vancouver

YUuuuumm….Another GREAT event to always look forwards to in Vancouver is the annual Dine Out Vancouver event. What’s all this buzz about Dine Out Vancouver?

Well, folks, Dine Out Vancouver is the only time when Vancouver’s top restaurants offer set menus for an extremely affordable and reasonable price. Featuring a full three course menu at a fixed price of $18, $28 or $38, visitors and local residents can finally have a taste of Vancouver’s top-notch culinary skills without having to pay $100+. Here are some photos I took from last year’s event at CRU Restaurant:

Feel free to visit my food blog: for more pictures.

I, personally, cannot wait for this event. But to be honest, I spend almost $500 every year around this time. I like to blame my friends for that who are always constantly making reservations because of such amazing deals. Dine Out Vancouver is also a night where it gives me the chance to pretty up and dine at fancy restaurants for a change. As a student, I must watch my spending habits and dining out at such fine restaurants on a regular basis is pretty much out of the question. However, if I’m going to pay $18 eating out on a weekend, I might as well make reservations with one of the participating restaurants in the Dine Out Vancouver event.

This year’s participating restaurants include: Cobre, Dockside Restaurant, Blue Water Café & Raw Bar, Coast, CRU, Italian Kitchen, Joe Fortes, Players Chophouse and Sanafir (this isn’t even ¼ of the total number of participating restaurants).

The event is going to be held over two weeks from April 26 to May 6. Restaurants will be taking reservations starting April 19, so if you are interested, I urge you to make reservations! In fact, if you don’t make reservations, I’m pretty sure it will be difficult to get a table for the night. You can make reservations using an online system known as This is the website I always use to make reservations—it is efficient, reliable and user-friendly.

I can assure you that this is an extremely popular event amongst local residents, so get a head start!

For more information, visit: