Ride the Ghost Train


Ride aboard the Ghost Train!


Since I am a BIG fan of Halloween, I love writing about the many events happening around Vancouver and nearby cities that you can participate in to test how brave you are in the face of terror.  

I went aboard Stanley Park’s Ghost Train last year, and it was a very fun experience! 

This year, the theme is “Alice in Nightmareland”.  Of course, if you are familiar with Disney’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland”, you will know what kind of theme they are going with.  It will be Alice in Wonderland turned upside-down.  

What does that mean? 

You will follow the rabbit down the rabbit-hole, only this is deep into a nightmare and not a dream.  On your ghost train ride, you will encounter demonic playing cards, the evil and feisty queen who is always on the lookout, screaming “off with your head”! 

Just remember to come out with your head intact in the process.

If you prefer to skip the train, there is also an illuminating assortment of lights and Halloween-themed displays.  In addition, you get access into the Haunted Farmyard.  In there, you will see all kinds of creatures, even live ones!

Check out the 2010 Stanley Park Ghost Train:


Fun @ the Disney Evening

We had a lot of fun Monday during the Disney evening. You remember the orientation room, from when you just arrived and got your orientation? Well you won’t have recognized it on Monday. We transformed it into the perfect cinema room with a couch, leather chairs and we even got bowls of popcorn to give  it even more of a cinema feeling!

We started out with the viewing of Lion King! One of our candidates watching the movie 2 a month and was able to sign along with every song!! For the rest of us it was great to see this movie again for the first time in a few years!

After the Lion King it was time for my favorite Disney movie of all times: Beauty and the Beast! This time it was my turn to sing along with all the songs!

Everyone really enjoyed the Disney evening, to see how much click here to view the pictures of the evening

I hope to see everyone at the PuB NiGHT tonight! I will be my last as an INTERNeX interns, so come out and celebrate a great time at INTERNeX as an interns!

Fun at the Dress Up Party

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did. My weekend started off good with a delicious brunch at Ouisi  Bistro with my friends . I had the Eggs Nora, just like Egg Benedicts but with bacon. Ouisi is a very nice restaurant with paintings of Jazz artists on the walls. The atmosphere at Ouisi is just right, with jazz music and nice staff. I really recommend everyone to go there.

After brunch we went to check out the Davie Street Festival. Davie Street was transformed into one big street full of stalls with all kinds of things. There were people selling food, paintings, clothing and many more. There was even live music to entertain everyone.

After the Davie Street Festival it was time to get home and prepare for the Dress Up Party! There were lots of famous Canadian at the house on Saturday for a great evening. We had Keanu Reeves, Jim Carey, Alanis Morissette, Pamela Anderson, Jay Manual and many more!

We played a few games and handed out  a price for the Best Dressed person. That price went to Sarah and Emilia, for their version of the Ogopogo Monster, the Loch Ness of Lake Okanagan (Canada)! To see more pictures of the Dress Up party, click here!

The party was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next one! Tonight we are having the Disney Evening at the INTERNeX office, so be sure to come out and be a kid again!

– Manouk

Find your inner child for a day!

At first, Mette, Manouk and me realized that we have the same favorite Disney Movie : Beauty and the Best.

We decided to stay one evening at the office to watch it while eating candy after work.  Then we realized how funny it would be to invite all the INTERNeX candidates!

I know that not everybody wants to watch Beauty and the Best so we will watch this movie later in the evening and the choice of the first Disney movie we will watch is up to you!

Go on facebook or comment on this post to vote and choose between a list of ten movies :

Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Aristocats, Aladdin, Mulan, Robin Hood, Brother Bear, The Sword in the Stone, The jungle Book and The unmissable Lion King!

I am so exited about this Disney Evening and can’t wait to share with you all our Disney memories. Now I can tell you the truth : I am a Disney addict and proud of it! It makes me feel like a child again! And you? 🙂

See you there!

– Nathalie

Don’t forget to sign up for the Lasertag & Karaoke event next Monday!!! email us at pr@internexcanada.com or leave a facebook message!