How was your weekend?

Although it has been a slightly cold weekend, I had a lot of fun. Let me tell you all about it!

Cinema June 1st 2018On Friday, I left the office at 6pm, as usual. This time, I did not take the bus home right away. Instead, Kerstin, Nadine, Nadja and I went out for sushi at a place called ‘Momo Sushi’. Unexpectedly, our sushi was served within approximately 10 minutes after the waitress took our order. It is safe to say that the service was amazing. Just like our sushi. Our favourite: the avocado roll. And personally, I love the yam and vegetable tempura as well. The plan was to go to the cinema after dinner, however, the movie did not start until 9:35pm, so we decided to play Rummikub at 131 Water for a while. A few rounds of losing later, it was time to watch ‘I Feel Pretty’ at the cinema. A hilarious feel-good movie with an amazing message. I definitely recommend watching it. At 11:30pm, the movie ended and it was time to head home.

41842966624_2de5485e03_nI did not do anything special on Saturday, so let’s move on to my Sunday. On this day, I spent my morning sleeping in for the first time in weeks. When I was ready to say goodbye to my bed, I FaceTimed with one of my Dutch friends for a few hours. At 3.15pm, it was time to leave the house and go to the Extreme Air Park. Time for this week’s INTERNeX event! We spent the early evening jumping from trampoline to trampoline, playing dodgeball and basketball and jumping into foam pits. We even got to wear special glow-in-the-dark socks. I wouldn’t call it fashion, but they ensured our safety and whenever the lights went off, the socks were the only clothing items that remained visible. We jumped around for an hour and since we were all very sweaty, it was time to go home and have a shower. I spent the rest of the evening watching a movie and then it was time to call it a night.

I hope you all had a great weekend! See you on Wednesday at The Relish for PuB NiGHT!

– Angy

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Get the Low-Down on Dodgeball

Runners to get your "dodge" on

Has anyone ever seen the dodgeball movie featuring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller?

Whenever I tell anyone I play dodgeball, people never fail to make a reference to the movie titled, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”.  The movie does a very good job in promoting the game of dodgeball.  It is still debated whether this is considered a true sport, in comparison to hockey and soccer.  In my humble opinion, it is as much a sport as any other (although some claim that it’s a geekier version of a sport).

In Vancouver, you could usually find any activities you would like to try if you look hard enough.  There are many dodgeball leagues around the lower mainland and the surrounding cities (such as Richmond, Burnaby, etcetera).

I personally go to a dodgeball league.  Every Tuesday, I wear my most laid-back clothing in preparation to roll around in the mud, so to speak.  It actually takes place in a gymnasium, and no, there really isn’t any mud.  However, be prepared for a significant number of dodgeballs being thrown your way.

You do not have to be good in all aspects of dodgeball.  I think you only need to do one of the following skills well to be considered “good”: you can dodge simultaneously a number of balls headed your direction, you can catch low-flying balls that are often extremely fast and aimed directly at the opponent, or you can throw fiercely to the point of making “thud” noises against the wall (therefore striking your opponent with undeniable force).

If you want to check out dodgeball, there are a few sites you can look up.  Some offer drop-in sessions: