I started my weekend by eating a delicious burger and an even better chocolate cake at Milestones in Yaletown on Friday evening. It went on with the fascinating horse race on Saturday. And ended with the awesome aquarium visit on Sunday.

Unbelievable how fast horses are able to run! And I can IMG_2519easily imagine how exhausting it must be to ride a racehorse, because the jockeys hadn’t got a saddle and actually they were like standing on the horse during the race. Since we didn’t try to get the “bet rules” we didn’t bet at the official bet office but instead each of us chose a horse and so we just bet for a muffin at Starbucks. None of us gain a muffin in the end. So I think it was better not to bet with money. Anyways we had a really good time there.

Sunday we went to the Vancouver Aquarium, located in the gorgeous Stanley Park, to get an experience out of the ordinary. The Aquarium is a non-profit society, passionate about conserving the aquatic life. Every day they have a lot of different shows for instance such asIMG_2499 the “Caring for Dolphins”-, “Beluga”-Show and a 4D movie. Their shows are developed around the animals’ natural behaviours and therefore will no show ever be the same. As we went through the ticket office we of course had the opportunity to get a picture taken by the aquarium staff but we preferred to take our own picture in front of the huge globe hanging in the entrance. As we went through the aquarium it became obvious that perhaps it was a bit bigger than expected.

The aquarium staff is not only doing research about all the different kinds of animals in order to get to know more about them. FullSizeRender 2In addition to that they also display their knowledge of dolphins and the other animals to the visitors. They made it to their issue connecting people with our natural world.

Both the dolphin show and the beluga show were absolutely interesting to watch since it’s more like a training for the animals than an entertainment for the spectators. All in all I can say that it was an amazing day full of variety.

PUB NIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT: Our weekly Pub Night on Wednesday, October 28, is taking place at The Charles. We will meet up at 7:30pm as always.

Looking forward to another Pub Night with many people!