INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver – Boxing Day Shopping

Much like Black Friday in the United States, boxing Day is the day of sales and shopping for Canada and other Commonwealth nations. It occurs annually following Christmas Day on December 26th and is a public holiday in Canada.

Boxing Day began as a tradition of masters giving gifts to their servants and tradesmen receiving gifts. The days leading up to Christmas is to gift shop for your family and friends, but on boxing day, you are supposed to shop for yourselves!

Generally, the best deals will be only available on Boxing Day, but since shops are trying to get rid of their stock from their current season, boxing day has now become boxing week and sometimes even into January.

Again, there are a lot of people who go crazy and line up the night outside the mall or the store before just so they can have the chance to grab the “door crashers” which are special items on sale that are in limited supply, before they are all gone.

If you go to any mall or stores next Wednesday, there are bound to be tons of people and great prices for everything, but here are some websites with deals to check out if you want something specific:

Happy bargain hunting!



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