Spring Lights Illumination – Experience IT Review

On Saturday night we went to the Queen Elizabeth Park for the Spring Lights Illumination and although that didn’t quite turn out the way we thought it would, we still had a great night with you guys!

IMG_1980Luckily this time there was no snow coming down on us, so we actually got to enjoy the view. We met up at the conservatory where we all got some pretty pictures while it was still light outside. Then we went to the statue where we took our group picture as it was slowly starting to get darker. As we walked back to the conservatory we found more people that belonged to our group and we decided to walk around the park in the dark. Since they decided to cancel the Spring Lights Illumination last minute we could hardly see anything, but we did get a good laugh out of it.

After walking around for a bit we decided it might be a better idea to go to downtown to get a drink. Some of us decided to go home, the rest ended up at The Cambie and had a few drinks together to celebrate the weekend!

I hope to see you all at PuB NiGHT!

– Danielle

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Review: PuB NiGHT at Blarney Stone

Yesterday’s PuB NiGHT was at Blarney Stone in Downtown. It was really great seeing all of you there! Thank you all for coming and making this night great again.

Blarney Stone is the only original Irish Pub left in Vancouver. The pub has a lot of special beers, which can make you feel welcome in the city in no time. There is live music in the pub on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Most of the live music is performed by cover bands. Therefore, it is definitely worth checking it out in the weekend. If you would like to celebrate St. Patricks day, then this is the place to be! The pub has various activities for the entire week like Irish Trivia, Bushmills Dinner and the Jameson Barrelman’s Feast. However, they also organise normal trivia nights on Wednesdays.

16443644_1626303047385140_725039406_nLast night we were with a really big group, as we welcomed Dutch students from a university in Rotterdam to our PuB NiGHT. It was really nice to see so many people present at our PuB NiGHT. As it was Trivia Wednesday and we did not have anything to lose anyway, some of us decided to join the quiz as well. It was too bad that we could not hear everything of the quiz, as we were sitting upstairs and it was therefore very hard to answer all the questions. Others just sat on the couches and talked with each other. The two groups even mixed up a little bit and after a while both groups, the INTERNeX family and the Dutch students, went to other pubs to continue the party. The atmosphere among the group was really good and I was happy to be able to experience this PuB NiGHT.

I hope you all had a great time as well and hope we can continue the party at the Superbowl party!

– Iris

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It has long become a weekly ritual and we all love INTERNeX Pub NiGHTs every Wednesday somewhere in beautiful Vancouver. Yesterday our weekly PuB NiGHT exceptionally took place on a Tuesday since we went to the Scotiabank Theatre where we watched the new James Bond movie Spectre. And as you may know Tuesday is “cinema day” so the tickets are just half the price. By the way thats a good advice for all the smart savers among yourselves! Anyways . . . Luckily we met so early because otherwise we couldn’t have managed to sit together in a group since the seats basically are general admission which means first-come, first-served. We managed to grad some pretty good seats in the back row.6217715697_bca4f8b922_o

Ironically we headed to a Pub on Granville Street called the Cinema Public House afterwards; a rather chic but chill place where we talked about the movie; what we did like and what we didn’t like … It was fun talking about all the “mistakes” we recognized in the movie. Do you know what I’m trying to say? I mean all those insane moments that would never ever happened in real life 😀

As I read Spectre, the 24th James Bond movie, has already broken records in its opening week. It made £52 million from October 26 till November 2. Unbelievable isn’t it? Well, I mean with a budget of ~£200 million, SPECTRE has yet to make a little profit . . . but this goal shouldn’t be too long coming after when you look at the profit it made in its first week in just one country. Anyways I don’t want to border you too much with those details and I don’t want to spoil either so just let me say that it’s like a typical James Bond movie: with a lot of action, drama, tension, fights but also with death and love.

In my opinion you really need to see that movie!


My weekend was pretty cool! Saturday we went to CandyTown organized by the Yaletown Business Improvement Association.IMG_3035 It was a pretty small Christmas Market with local vendors where we got some inspiration about what to buy our loved ones for Christmas.

Yesterday a bunch of INTERNeX people went to Seattle for a sightseeing trip hosted by WestTrek. Once again I have to thank you for the awesome organization. Our tour guide did a great job and we could feel special since the weather was amazing too. And as you might know the rain probability in Seattle is even higher than in Vancouver, which is really unbelievable.

Furthermore all the border process went in a perfect way! We all could enter in less than hour and all of us came back even faster because we didn’t have any waiting time at all!! Anyways, let’s talk about what we have seen and experienced:

Our first stop in Seattle was probably the most popular attraction: the Space Needle. It’s a famous landmark of the Pacific Northwest and an icon for Seattle. It is built to withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour (89m/s) and earthquakes.IMG_3065

Afterwards we headed to downtown Seattle where our guide showed us the Pike Place Market, which is the oldest farmer market in the States. You can find almost every kind of vegetables and fruits there. Other than that you can buy oils, gifts, flowers, vintage clothing and of course the super fresh fish. We almost had three hours to explore Seattle on ourselves. First of all we went to a fish restaurant and tried the super fresh fish because we were starving! It was really delicious! After lunch we went shopping, walked around in tIMG_3024he streets of Seattle and took some pictures. The streets were already decorated for the Christmas holidays and in front of Nordstrom there just set up a big Christmas tree. Lee, our tour guide, asked us to make comparisons between the behavior of Americans and Canadians. Much to our surprise we found out that the folks in Seattle are pretty much the same: friendly, helpful, open, honest, interested, cosmopolitan, …

Visiting Seattle during your stay in Vancouver is a must-do!

You can check out our flickr profile for more pictures.


Yesterday we went to the pretty popular FlyOver Canada to enjoin “The Ultimate Flying Ride” across the most gorgeous places Canada has to offer.DSC00708 It was quite an amazing experience and everyone was excited!

Luckily it wasn’t raining since we met up outside at Canada Place there where you can buy the tickets. During the short time we waited for everyone to arrive we could see a lot of seaplanes landing on the water near Canada Place. Lisa, one of our interns, told us about her awesome experience flying with one of those seaplanes. Accidentally we met another intern with his girlfriend. They also planned to go to the FlyOver Canada and so they summarily decided to join us. We were a group of 8 people that heade down to the entrance of FlyOver Canada. Surprisingly there was no line up and we quickly could enter the room where you get introduced in special personal views of Canada. You got so many different impressions and actually you didn’t even know where to look at but I definitely mean it in a positive way though.FullSizeRender I guess everyone who already did the FlyOver Canada knows what I am talking about. After that kind of introduction we finally got seated in the chairs, the floor underneath the chairs was being rolled back and we could see the full size of the giant screen: We were ready to take off.

To make that experience even more realistic the chairs were moving around, a bit of wind and water was blown into our faces, and of course we could also hear the sound of the helicopter. We truly believe that this was just amazing and they really did a great job shooting all these gorgeous locations and putting together such a memorable fly.

This experience can definitively be recommended to those of you who couldn’t join yesterday. Bring a couple of friends, and for sure you won’t get bored.

After that great event we could watch how a huge cruise liner left the harbour. Since it was already quite cold yesterday evening we decided to go for having a hot chocolate/coffee at Tim Hortons at the Pacific Center. We sat there till the security staff asked us to leave considering that they wanted to finish work.


Besides that, a friend and I went to the cinema but not for seeing the new James Bond movie, as I suggested in my last post, but rather for seeing “The intern” which was a pretty funny movie. At the beginning I was a kind of afraid of not understanding what the movie is about or what they are talking about. Therefore I was even more proud of myself that I was able to understand nearly everything. Next time I really have to see “Spectre”, maybe some of you guys would like to join me?


Last Saturday was Halloween and nearly everyone went crazy. Actually that’s not surprising; I mean it’s one of the most popular events in North America. You could see many people who were dressed as a Minion. At least just as many wore a Super Mario or Luigi costume. Consequently the costume of my roommate and me perfectly fitted since, as I mentioned in one of my last blog posts, I was dressed as Mario and she was my “brother” Luigi.

For my first real Halloween party in Canada I certainly had big expectations and they were more than fulfilled last Saturday! Actually they were exceeded. Hundreds of people wearing Halloween costumes and went absolutely crazy.


After around 10pm the entire Granville Street was closed for cars. So Granville was just opened for all the party people and therefor the street was really crowded. The line-ups in front of the clubs were quite long. That’s why people partied even on the street.

First we had some difficulties at in the beginning but then we started our crazy night at the Harbour Event Center near BC Place. Shortly after we entered the club the first bus left to take us to our second party location. 22719343705_7ab7449cd4_bWe went from party to party with a typical American school bus, which was absolutely amazing. I always wanted to take a bus like that. The atmosphere during the bus ride was incredible since the people turned the bus into a party bus. Probably most of them were already drunk at this time but they didn’t care after all it was Halloween. The bus driver let us off on Granville Street where all the fancy clubs are located.

It was the first time I celebrated Halloween in such a big way and it was a great to be part of it.


Not even two weeks left and Halloween will be here! For this occasion I’ve decided to check out some stores in downtown for the obligatory Halloween costume shopping. 15545295126_94612b80b9_b
The variety of crazy costumes at the Halloween shops here in North America is just incredible. You really get lost in between all these clothes! Furthermore you are getting so many different impressions that in the end you cannot really make up your mind. I can only speak for myself but my Halloween shopping was absolutely successful. My friend and I will go as Mario & Luigi! I’m pretty sure everyone knows these both characters. They are from the famous video game released in the 80s and it was later re-released for Wii as well.

If you haven’t gotten your costume yet or if you still have no idea what to wear here are some ideas: Witch/Vampire/Zombie, Superhero, Animal, Doctor/Nurse, Batman, Movie Character, Star Wars Character, Political, Pirate or Minion.15382473248_5e44e2d014_b

For all of you who haven’t found the right Halloween costume yet, you should definitely check out the three shops (Halloween Alley, Boo La La Costumes and Spirit Halloween) in North Vancouver! They have a nice variety of different costumes. You can also find costumes and other Halloween stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Rexell.

Hope you will find some scary/funny/crazy/whatever costumes there or somewhere else!