Supermoon + Total Lunar Eclipse

Do you know what a Supermoon is?
A Supermoon happens when the distance between the Moon and the Earth becomes so close that it appears much larger than usual.
So now combine that with a total lunar eclipse! You get a blood red Moon close enough that it feels like you could touch it.
It’s happening this Sunday, September 27th! And just by coincidence the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden is celebrating the annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.
Entrance to the Chinese Garden is 10$ per person with the festival going from 5pm to 10pm.
They have lots to offer such as Mooncakes, magic shows, Kung Fu demonstrations and much more.

Our suggestion? We meet up at Waterfront Station at 5.45pm, then walk towards the Totem Poles in Stanley. The side facing Vancouver Harbour is a perfect viewing point to see the Moon, since it rises in the east around 7pm. The total lunar eclipse begins at 7.11pm and ends at 8.23pm.
The Supermoon is a phenomenon that only occurs rarely and the next one will only be in 2033. So, make sure not to miss it!
Afterwards, we can go check out the festival at the Chinese Garden or go for a couple of drinks.

Hope to see you there!


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Vancouver’s Must See Attractions – Part VIII

This time I found another “outdoor” activity for you guys!!

It’s Dr. Sun Yat-Sen – The Classical Chinese Garden located in the second largest China-town in North America.

Visit the only Ming Dynasty-style Chinese garden build outside of China in 400 years.

Savor the beauty and calm in the garden while enjoying a typical cup of complimentary Chinese tea.
You will see turtles lying lazy in the sun and watch the brilliant colored koi swimming through the water.

Whether the sun is shining or it is raining in the garden, this is the perfect location to visit all around the year, due to its covered walkways and beautiful vistas.


So enjoy your trip!