INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming events!

A beautiful sunny Monday morning in Vancouver…I can’t wait for the summer! But wait, what’s planned for the upcoming events?

Sushi Dinner Night 

Don’t hate me, but I think sushi in Europe cannot compare to the ones in Vancouver. Seriously, we have the best Japanese cuisine and all-you-can-eat sushi! I know some people might not be a fan of seafood…or anything that tastes fishy. But trust me, it is so delicious. If you’ve never tried them…it’s about time, don’t you think? Try california rolls, dynamite rolls, terriyaki chicken, spicy tofu, spicy tuna, and so much more! After all-you-can-eat sushi, everyone I know including me says they’ll never eat sushi again…of course that’s a lie. It’s so addicting!

When: Saturday April 20th 

Where: TBA

Find out more information here on our Facebook event page!

Richmond Go-Kart!

wow so intense…the guy in the back looks like Mr. Smith from the Matrix O_o

Do you think mother nature will finally give us a break and show some sun? Join us next weekend as you get to drive around the track, racing your friends! Boys…you know you’re gonna love this! And girls, don’t worry…when you win against the guys, just imagine how sweet the victory will be as you laugh at their faces. Prove them wrong that girls CAN drive…better than guys 😉

Where: 6631 Sidaway Road, Richmond

When: Saturday April 27th

Visit here for more information to be updated soon!

If you aren’t interested in these events, don’t worry, there will be plenty more in just a few weeks! Besides, I think it’ll be sunny more often now.



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