INTERNeX Canada: Wakeboarding Review

Hi there,

How was your weekend?

For me was a non-stop weekend, but also a non-stop fun!

Yesterday we had a great day of wakeboarding in Cultus Lake! It was pretty funny to see all our faces in the morning, because as you can imagine everybody was partying Saturday Night!

When we arrived to the incredible Cultus Lake, we divided our group in two groups of 6 people! The first group (5 boys and me, not bad for me!!) was the first in doing wakeboarding while the second stay chilling a little bit in the riverside!

The views on the boat were awesome, and the best of were driving so fast across the river with loud music! Incredible fun! In the beginning we were still tired because of the hangover but of course there is no better way to get up that practicing water sports!

Each person has like a 5 different opportunities to get up and make the real wakeboarding but the most of the people fell down in a couple of seconds! But during that seconds everybody were feeling like the king and queen of the world! It was so funny to see the faces during that moment and the pre and post fallen!

After the first shift our group enjoyed the barbeque!!! After all the efforts the burgers tasted even more delicious! We worth it! And in the meanwhile the other group were having their special wakeboarding moment!

After that, we had another shift! And I don´t know why but all my team was touched like with super powers because they all did really good! Even with just one hand! Professional team!

The weather yesterday as you could notice wasn´t as good as we wanted! But this is Vancouver and this is PR team´s curse! Every time we organize some activity outside the weather changes! But it didn´t stop us!

To sum up it was so much fun! But the feeling is like you want to repeat and repeat again! It´s addictive! No matter if you are hangover or if it is freezing if you can do wakeboarding!

Thanks to all of you guys and Easytrip Vancouver for the great and crazy Sunday we had!

Happy week for everyone!!



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