Client testimonial

Hi there!

My name is Whitney, I am 23 years of age and I am French from Martinique. I decided to come to Canada because I heard a lot of great things about it and my partner was already doing his internship in Vancouver, so I took a plunge and decided to go too. I was studying in the United States (Ohio; as an international student from Rouen) so I thought it could be nice to discover Canada!

I found out about INTERNeX through a French agency that had a partnership with it.

I was participating in a co-op program but it wasn’t what I first wanted. Since the waiting list was too long for the visa I needed, Tim at INTERNeX offered me to apply for a co-op instead. It worked out, so I got the chance to do my internship at EC Vancouver, a private school that offers English classes to foreign students. It was awesome to work there.

At EC, I had to use a lot of my skills, which is exactly what I wanted. I used all the languages I speak; I also had to do teamwork and communicate a lot. I am not really a people person but in that context I must admit that I was, and I genuinely enjoyed it. It really made me more confident and I am going to make sure I use this new skill wisely in the future.

So, since I was working in a school, the tasks depended on the day of the week. At EC Vancouver we greeted new students every Monday. That same day we have to copy their passports and medical insurances, give them a walking tour, and then return their documents along with a schedule and their student IDs.

The weekly tasks changed a lot but I had some recurrent things to do: help students with their inquiries, print and promote activities through in-class announcements, librarian tasks, take pictures on graduation days (Fridays), enter data in our software (personal information, grades, attendance, warnings, etc.).

Both my experiences in Vancouver and at EC Vancouver have been awesome. I was honestly a little nervous because I am a bit shy and naturally anxious but everything turned out fine. My team was the bomb; fun and very dynamic. My supervisor was the best I could have had. I feel very lucky. They are all very unique and I miss them a lot.

As for Vancouver, this is the only thing I want to say: Thank God it’s not going anywhere because I’m coming back to work after my Masters’ degree! The landscapes, the people, the lifestyle. All this is just amazing. I visited a lot of places (museums, Stanley Park, Victoria, restaurants etc.), I went bicycling and spent time with my coworkers in bars. It is the best thing that happened to me so far. Just go for it, you won’t regret it!

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