Review: Stand up paddling, Granville Island

Last Saturday we went to Granville Island to do stand up paddling. So, what is stand up paddling? Well, basically it’s you getting equipped with a big surfboard and a paddle, and then off you go to the water trying to keep your balance on the board while paddling. Well, actually it was a bit more than just that.

We met up in front of the Ecomarine Paddlesport Centre at Granville Island half an hour before doing the stand up paddling. We all had to sign a few documents, change to proper clothing for the activity, and of course get equipped with a paddle. After this we went to a small habour where we got our life wests and boards. Since we were nine people for this activity, we had to split up in two groups. However, this didn’t matter. When not doing the stand up paddling yourself, it was great fun to watch the other group.

Before paddling out on our great adventure we had a quick tutorial in how to stay calm and keep control while paddling in the area of Granville Island and Sunset Beach. As we went out on water it was definitely exciting and sometimes a bit challenging to navigate in between some smaller boats. However, almost all of us managed to stay on the board. This was definitely a fun experience. For those of you who didn’t have the chance to join this activity surely it can be recommended to try it out! Also remember that you’ll have the opportunity for joining another great activity this Saturday, September 13th, as we’ll be playing laser tag at Laserdome in North Vancouver.

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