INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend!

Another weekend guys !! This was pretty amazing in my opinion. The weather was not so good, but we went to our first hockey match in Vancouver  and it was exciting ! The match was in the Ladner Leisure Centre in Delta, and we all enjoyed it so much and most of us  really want to go back for another match !

We went to see the last pre-season game of Vancouver Giants vs Victoria Royals !! Before the match started we didn’t expect too much feelings and passion on the field, but we were definitely surprised!

We saw how fast they are on ice, how well they control the balance and even their skills on ice-skating. Even the referees slip like if they were in heaven !! How amazing !!

Victoria Royals scored the first point during the first period. And during the second one Vancouver Giants scored the first one too. After that, I should say Victoria scored 2 more so the final result was 1 -3 !! (I know, too sad that our Giants lost).

There were a few tense moments between the teams, but they were fixed very fast. A few guys were ejected and during the third period, Vancouver played with one guy less due to the ejection.

It was without doubt a pretty amazing and intense match, and you guys should go at least once while you’re in Canada to experience the real Canadian passion !!

I hope your weekend was so amazing as it was for me, and please, don’t forget to comment if you have any suggestion or share any kind of great experience !!



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