Vancouver Riptide – Experience IT review

On Saturday INTERNeX went to Swangard stadium to watch an Ultimate Frisbee game. Because it was a rainy day and just after the big Rockies trip unfortunately not many people showed up, but we still had a fantastic time!

We watched the big home game opener of the Vancouver Riptide agairiptide4nst the Seattle Cascades. It was an entirely new sport for us to watch in a stadium, but after a quick explanation of some rules we were good to go. The game started rainy and slippery but the players were unstoppable. We were so amazed on how fast they ran and how quickly the game is moving.

So the purpose of Ultimate is to score in the opposing team’ s end zone to earn a point. Also a player cannot run with the disc, so once you catch it you have to stand still and throw the disc to ariptide3nother player to move it to the end zone. Once a player is standing in the opposing team’ s end zone and catches the Frisbee you get the point. Ultimate is a non-contact sport, which means once a player catches the Frisbee you can’ t just grab it out of there hands. The player actually gets a few seconds to throw the disc to another teammate.

So because of the few seconds you get to throw the disc again, the game moved very fast and lots of points where earned. Unfortunately the Vancouver Riptides didn’t win but it was a close call. We would definitely like to go again!

– Tess

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