INTERNeX Canada: Flora says “it’s time for us to part, my friends!”

I can’t believe my internship here at INTERNeX has come to an end! Wednesday is really an odd day to end, isn’t it?

To be honest with you,  I was a complete nervous wreck when I first started way back in January. Everything was so overwhelming and every single task terrified me. As soon as I heard that I  might be the only PR intern working, I was seriously worried…had I made the right choice? But of course, the answer was yes. I don’t think I’ll ever regret this…especially because I was able to meet so many wonderful people. To everyone (including those who have already left Vancouver), although it might have been a short time, I had so much fun and thanks for being AWESOME.

I’ll always remember our hilarious pub nights, trips on the weekends, the beautiful and fun Rockies trip, and of course that amazing pub and club night last Friday. I want to let you all know that you have impacted my life in so many ways. To all the staff in the office, thank you for being so encouraging and supportive. It’s actually weird that I have to leave…I was just getting so comfortable here!

What’s next for me, you ask? Well, it’s back to being a student for the moment. Yep, that means textbooks and exams (no more pub nights for me on weekdays…no tequila shots). And after that, who knows! But I’ll still be around in Vancouver so we can hangout!

I want to leave with a quote (you might have read it on my desk frame), “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened” -Dr. Seuss. What an incredible, amazing, lovely, humbling, fun, and most of all, learning, experience. I’ll miss everyone and not being the one in charge haha but hey, it’s my turn to sit back.

note* I think out of all my blog posts, this was the hardest to write. I just didn’t know where to begin. 

See you around,


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