INTERNeX Canada: Hospitality Program

Today, we would like to introduce you the Hospitality Program. Do you want to travel but you don’t have enough money?

The Hospitality Program allows you to travel abroad, improve your English and earn money at the same time. But there are not the only benefits that you can obtain:

– Enjoy the best locations inside one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our Hospitality Program offers our candidates job opportunities in several different areas in Canada; like the Rockies Mountains, at places like Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise.

We work with many resorts located in the Rocky Mountains

– Get experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. And of course you will improve your English very fast.

– Be more than a tourist: You will live inside the Canadian community, sharing the same way of life and learn the real Canadian culture.  You will work approximately 30 hours in the week. And the rest of the time you can explore and discover Canada!

You can do many things in your free time

– Decide about your future while you improve your skills: it doesn’t matter if you are just taking a break from school or recently graduated.

– Become more independent: work and earn your own money, live and travel by yourself… this is the beginning of your independent life.

But this isn’t all. As you can read in our website:

Upon completion of the Hospitality Program, candidates take with them a level of authenticity and professionalism which can create an array of opportunities down the road. Hospitality produces daily experiences like no other work environment. One can find themselves preparing a banquet for a high end conference in the morning, handling the luggage of a professional sports team by lunch and be greeting members of Royalty later that day.

There’s no telling which direction this exciting field will have you moving on any given day. That’s what separates life in Hospitality from most other repetitive workplaces which offer little or no daily diversity. A day in the life is never stale. With new challenges and situations to conquer each day, an experience in the Hospitality Program shows to be a rewarding one with benefits that can last a lifetime.

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