You Could Participate in a 1,000 Person Dance for Canada Day!

After a surge of national pride demonstrated during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, an enthusiastic Langley business woman, Maria Martini, was inspired to keep the pride alive. Joining forces with Associate Director of Choreography for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games’ Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Marlise McCormick, and award-winning song-writers Bob Buckley and Brian Gibson, plans were set in motion to create a Canada Day Celebration like never before seen in the country.

Enthusiasts, athletes, dancers and energetic performers (16 years old and up) are invited to perform a 1000-person Flash Mob Dance to a new and unique Canadian song. Imagine, one thousand participants coming together for a choreographed dance!

So what have you done since coming to Canada? Now’s your  chance to take part in a truly historical moment. Go home with an amazing experience to tell your family and friends! This could be you! Registration is now open at – participate in this 1,000 person mob dance!

A bilingual song, entitled “Keep the Pride Alive” and in French, “Une Fierté à Conserver,” was recorded by twenty-eight musicians. This new hit single will be performed by six of BC’s best vocalists, including Langley’s own superstar, eleven year old Cole Armour. This musical celebration will truly touch the hearts and minds of Canadians, reigniting the euphoria of national pride. This amazing song was recently recorded and is primed for dance rehearsals, starting in late June. The time has come to sign-up a thousand people to perform the flash mob dance.

With an impressive team, who were involved in the creation and production of the Olympic Ceremonies, this Canada Day Celebration is destined to make an historic imprint on the hearts and minds of Canadians. Event Producer Maria Martini says, “My greatest desire is that Canadians will rekindle the euphoric national pride we all felt during the Olympics, and keep the pride alive.”

(deadline: June 20, 2010)

This production will be featured at the Langley Canada Day Celebrations.


• THREE PERFORMANCES: (1) June 30 at 9:00 pm (2) July 1 at 3:00 pm (3) July 1 at 9:00 pm


• LOCATION: McLeod Park on the corner of 56 Avenue and 216 Street, Langley, BC

• FREE to participate and attend


• Follow them on Facebook: Keep the Pride Alive

• Download a PDF of the Event Flyer at:

• Learn more about Langley Canada Day Celebrations at:

F5 Expo 2010-04-07

Are you a business geek? Are you interested in social media strategies and mobile marketing?

On April 7, 2010, some of the most successful online media strategists will be speaking at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Downtown Vancouver. The F5 aims at providing businesses and entrepreneurs with insights into how a successful business stems from incorporating new ideas by tossing out the “old, out-dated” ones. With great emphasizes placed on social media marketing and the impact of future technology on civilization, the F5 provides a centralized network for all media enthusiasts to learn and exchange ideas with each other.

One of the most notable keynote speakers at the event is Malcolm Gladwell.  Malcolm Gladwell is one of the 2005 top 100 most influential people of Time Magazine who has made an enormous buzz in society through his publication of “The Outlier: The Story of Success”.  Malcolm has the drive to explore new trends to help organizations make the right decisions. He is an exceptionally high profiled figure in the business world.

The F5 Expo is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested in diving deeper into the social media industry. Whether you are already business professional or a university student hoping to run your own business, the F5 Expo will give you some smart tactics and new ideas to run your current or potential business.

For more information, please visit: