INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

One of my favorites things has been always walk around and get lost. Yes maybe it can sound weird but I firmly believe it’s the best way to know the city, the neighborhood, the essence of some place. When you see the real behavior of the people who are living there, where the people usually buy …streets where there are no tourist at all, where there are no one taking pictures… that’s for my the real essence of a city. When I used to live in Rome I just started walking around and maybe spend four or five hours just walking and never realized all the time that I spent.

When you live in your city or you’ve been living for long time in the same place, the most of the times you just walk the same streets just to go to your office, gym, house… and you don’t have enough time to discover a new way to arrive.

My personal recommendation… just give yourself some time to get lost in your city and walk for first time in some street you never walk before. Open your eyes and your ears and just enjoy the feeling of discovering something new in your own city!

I don’t know you but I would spend my whole life just traveling and discovering new places, but sometimes it’s just not possible to be all the time traveling! So if you feel in the same way, and right now you are back home, go out and discover all the special corners that your city offers.Get lost in your city or if you prefer, you can always come back to Vancouver 🙂



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