INTERNeX Canada: Expose of the week featuring Janina

Let us introduce you to Janina for this week’s expose.  Janina is from Germany and has travelled to Canada to take on an international internship as a requirement for her program in International Tourism Management back home. She will be in Canada for a 3 month internship and then plans on travelling for a month afterward.  She decided on Vancouver as her destination because she had previously been to Toronto and enjoyed Canada enough to come back and check out the West Coast!

What kind of internship are you doing?

I am interning at an Event Management company where we organize events for several associations throughout Vancouver.

Is your internship useful?

Yes, my internship has been very useful.  I have already done an apprenticeship in hotel management in Germany, so being on the event side, it has given me a different perspective and I have learned many new things by being in a different industry.  Also, it has taught me a lot about doing business in a different country and on an international basis.

What kind of tasks are you responsible for on a daily basis?

My tasks differ every single day and often, I act as the helping hand for all of the employees here.  So, one day I could be sending out invites and reminders to a certain event and the next day I might be calling couriers, making sure supplies are delivered on time and setting up the event at the venues.

What is the best thing about your internship?

The best thing about my internship is going to the events I help organize.  It is the best of both worlds because I get the opportunity to be involved in the behind the scenes work of the event, and then I get attend the event and see the finished product.  Another plus is the AMAZING food.  Since most of the events are at 5 star hotels, I have had eaten some pretty delicious meals.

What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?

My favourite thing about Vancouver is the scenery.  For example, I can go to the beach and get a view of the ocean, the city and the mountains all in one glance.  Also, there is so much to do and explore here.

 What trips did you do in your free time, also organized by INTERNeX?

In my free time I have visited North Vancouver, Stanley Park and the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.  I have been to some of the PuB NiGHTs and the cinema events organized by INTERNeX. I also went on the last trip to Seattle with the group, which was a lot of fun and we did some shopping and sightseeing and I also went on the INTERNeX Rockies Trip.

 Why did you choose INTERNeX International Exchange?

I first started to look for Internships in Canada on my own, but was having a hard time because most of the companies said they do not accept international interns.  I got in contact with a German based company who then directed me to INTERNeX and they were fast at getting in contact with and finding me a placement.

 What’s the best thing about INTERNeX International Exchange?

The best thing about INTERNeX was their ability set me up with my internship so quickly. I filled out the application, was in contact with the program coordinators and within 3 weeks I already had two interviews with potential internships and I ended up getting accepted at my event management company.

How did you find a place to stay?

INTERNeX informed me about their Staffhouse, and as soon as space was free I jumped on the chance to live there.

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?

I would definitely recommend INTERNeX to others, especially those in Germany who are having a hard time finding an internship abroad.  They were really great at keeping in contact with me, and made the process a lot faster than I imaged it would be and in the end set me up with a great internship J

Thanks for sharing with us Janina! We are happy you are enjoying your time here and good luck with the rest of your internship!


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