11 Reasons why you should join the trip to the Rocky Mountains

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Here are 11 (because 10 wasn’t enough) reasons why you should join the trip to the Rocky Mountains with INTERNeX:
  • Explore Canada’s marvellous nature, you wouldn’t want to go back home without having visited the famous Rockies, would you? It is a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Visit the Jewel of the Canadian Rockies and take the perfect selfie at Lake Moraine and its beautiful turquoise-tinted water in the background.
  • Bet you have not seen more than 3 of the animals listed below… This trip is the perfect opportunity to check all of these off your list.
  1. A moose
  2. A bighorn sheep
  3. Mountain goat kids
  4. A grizzly bear
  5. An elk
  6. A pika
  7. A cougar
  8. A pine marting
  9. A coyote
  10. A Caribou
  11. A black bear
  12. A white tailed deer
  13. A mule deer
  • Capture the brilliance of rainbow-hued Athabasca Falls’ spray or the dazzling sheets of ice suspended from jagged rock on film!
  •  Enjoy a real authentic and oh so typical Canadian barbecue.
  • You will sleep (or not) in one of the Mountain View cabins.
  • Hear the wolves howl and howl with them while we visit the wolf sanctuary.
  • Meet loads of new fun people who will join the same tour on the same bus, and perhaps you’ll meet the love of your life.
  • More importantly: spend some amazing time with your fellow INTERNeX’ers.
  • Order shots with your new friends in Banff’s best nightclub on Saturday
  • After-Rockies reunion party organized on Wednesday May 20 in cooperation with West Trek.
To get a glimpse of what you will be seeing on the tour, click here for a video.
Now how could you possibly have any excuse for not joining?!
Check the Facebook event for more information.
Visit the INTERNeX office to sign up!
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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Welcome back after another weekend!

The INTERNeX PR Team had such an awesome weekend and I was lucky enough to take part on an amazing trip to Whistler thanks to Hostelling International and Moose Travel Network.

We were picked up on Friday afternoon and set out on Moose’s coach bus out to Whistler.  We made two stops on the way, the first was the Britannia Mine in Squamish.  Being from Vancouver, I had always passed this on the way up to Whistler, but I never had the opportunity to stop and take a tour.  The mine was so interesting, full of history and we learned a lot, I am really glad I finally had the chance to check it out!

Next we stopped at the beautiful Shannon Falls for a breathtaking view of the waterfalls and some good photo-ops. From there we went straight up to the Hostel and before we knew it we arrived at Hostelling International in Whistler.  I was shocked at how nice this hostel was, when you picture a hostel, you don’t envision a swanky chalet amongst the mountains, but this was exactly what HI Whistler was!

The hostel was so beautiful, new, clean and even heated floors to top it off! Moose provided us with a great BBQ and then went off for a night out in Whistler Village. We had an awesome time dancing the night away!

Everything on Friday was so great, but he highlight of the trip had to be zip trekking on Saturday morning, this really was once in a lifetime experience!  We went on the bear tour which included 5 Zip Lines inside the Lush forest with views of creeks, snowy mountains and of course breathing in some of the freshest air in the world. The Zip Lines were thrilling, a bit scary, but most of all awesome!


We want to thank Hostelling International and Moose Travel Network for giving us such a great opportunity to experience Whistler.

If any of you are interested in visiting Whistler this Spring/Summer I would highly recommend using these companies!  The HI Whistler Hostel is by the far the nicest you will stay in at Whistler and you can do so at very reasonable prices.

Moose Travel Network also offers a great tour up to Whistler, also at a very good price.  They provide you with transportation to and from with some entertainment along the way as well as optional excursions and activities.

If you want to check out these options or do some travel research, here are the websites:

Hostelling International

Moose Travel Network

Our weekend was so awesome and we’re sure you guys had tons of fun too! What did you guys get to up this weekend? For those who took part in the Amazing Race, let us know what you thought 🙂



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