INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday!

Who doesn´t know the Science World at Telus World of Science? This organization, established in 1977, is run by a not-for-profit organization.

Today I´m not going to talk about the organization itself, but about the advertising it makes to catch the attention of the target population and the media.

To make you an introduction of what´s  going on, the current exhibition is “The science of Sexuality” (from May 18 to September 2), where it´s explored the different stages of sexual development from conception to body transformations. Without doubt, Science World presents a positive image of sexuality and explores what science has to reveal and say about the topic. If you are interested the general admission for student is $21.

But now going on deep in what I wanted to talk about: The ads of Science World.
I think they are making a very great job with their advertisement, as you will see in the following examples. In a world were people are more interested in video games or television, is vital to know how to promote science in a original and catchy way.
The agency which works for Science World´s advertising campaigns is the award-winning Rethink.
For the science of sexuality, they created this campaign. Take a look:
I think these ads are brilliant, with just a small advertising copy(text  that aims at catching and holding the interest of the prospective buyer) who explains it all.
The images just support the main task of the ad and catching the attention of the prospective target population.
What do you think? Did they get your attention? Are you now interested on going to this exhibition ?



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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Save Vancouver

Ok, all the people know, Vancouver is an expensive city. But with our “Smart Saver” guide, you can take notes about our little tips to keep your budget safe.

We have prepared for you a cultural issue… not all in Vancouver is only beautiful landscapes… this city has a wide range of museums and arts galleries. So, today: Admission by donation to the Vancouver Art Gallery! It’s not free but almost free.

The Vancouver Art Gallery is one of the most important art centers in the city, in fact, the largest gallery in Western Canada. Not enough important? Well, maybe you don’t know that the territory of Western Canada is more than twice as large as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal combined. A spacious lawn area surrounds it, and is a meeting point at the same time. There, take place a lot of gatherings like flash mobs, the Zombie-Walk and the Critical Mass.

There are a lot of exhibition to see, however, there is one that you have to visit before leave Vancouver: “Art SpiegelmanCO-MIX: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics and Scraps”. Art Spiegelman is the author of probably, the most famous comic nowadays:  MAUS, the history about a Holocaust survivor. This book was the first graphic novel to win a Pulitzer Prize. Sounds amazing, not? You can visit it until June 9, 2013.

  • WHEN: every Tuesday, from 5 pm to 9 pm.
  • WHERE: 750 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7, MAP.



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Vancouver’s Must See Attractions – Part IX

Today I have a nice attraction for everybody who is interested in science!

A place that ignites your mind by showing a lot of popular, interactive exhibitions making you discover the world of science in a fun and highly immersive way.

For more entertainment you can visit the OMNIMAX Theatre and awesome performances at the Science Theatre. Meet STAN, the full-sized T-Rex, become an inventor in the Contraption Corner or freeze your own shadow…As you can see: There is a lot to experience!

Science World British Columbia is a non-profit organization and sure to jump-start your imagination!


Dates of operation:

Open daily

Weekends: 10am-6pm

Weekdays: 10am-5pm


5 minutes from downtown at the corner of Quebec Street & Terminal Avenue at the Main Street/Science World SkyTrain Station.






BODY WORLDS exhibit at the Science World!

BODY WORLDS & The Brain is an exposition taking place now at the Science World at Telus World of Science in Vancouver.  Beginning September 16th, there will be shows of more than 200 authentic human specimens. I don’t know if it’s freaky or just fascinating but it is sure to be an amazing experience and something you will not find anywhere else!

At the exhibit, you will be informed of recent neuroscience findings on brain development, WAOUHHHH! That sounds awesome! Some of my friends and our very own INTERNeX Candidates have been to this exhibition and really liked it. The main thing is that you can see human bodies, real muscles, bones and everything, which can make you feel like a crazy scientist.  It’s unique to have the opportunity to gain more culture and knowledge on what we are and how we are made, isn’t it?

Moreover, they have a special event, merging the BODY WORLDS such as ThinkFirst on October the 2nd and Odyssey of the Minds on THE 3rd. Click here to check all their special events on the website.
For the rate page of the exhibition click here. And for more information on how to get there click here. The Science World is open everyday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and  have late opening hours from Thursday to Saturday until 9:00 pm. If you go there during the evening it will cost you $18 for student and $21 for the other between as from 6:00 pm.

I hope you will take the time to learn all about the human body and have fun there!

– Nathalie

Paris’ art is in Vancouver !!!

As you may know, the famous art gallery of Vancouver opened an exhibition from Paris two months ago and it will remain open until the 6th of September. My favorite French museum, the museum of Orsay, brings 100 works from the most famous French painters of the 19th century. Renoir! Pissaro! Rodin! Toulouse-Lautrec! And many others…

You might think that I want to see this exhibition because I’m French and from Paris, or because I know the grand-child of the painter Seurat… While this may be true, this exhibition is a must see for everyone. These paintings are coming from a museum as good and as famous as the Louvres which has more French masterpieces than any other museum in the world!

It would be a shame to miss this, wouldn`t it? Especially when it’s so easy to have fun and get some culture at the same time! Moreover, many of the drawings you will find there never went out of Paris.

The topic of this exhibition is The Modern Woman. Don’t be scared men, it’s just the look of many painters at a time when women just started to be independent and offer artists a new perspective!

It’s a daily exhibition that is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. so you can go there whenever you want!

Looking for tickets? Admission is $22.50 for adults, $16 for students!

Details: 604-662-4719 and

I will be there on Sunday afternoon and hope to meet you in one of the rooms enjoying a piece of European History!