INTERNeX Explorer: Granville Island – Part 1

Did you know that the city of Vancouver was originally called “Granville” before 1886? Today, Granville Street and Granville Island are some of the most popular areas in Vancouver and for good reasons – that’s where all the excitement are in the city.

We are going to try some beers at the Granville Island Brewery tour on Saturday, February 2nd so I thought it would be a good idea to get to know a little bit about this little island.

In the late 19th Century, Granville Island was an undeveloped land consisting of two sandbars that were mostly used by the local First nations for fishing. False Creek which surrounds this island was twice the size as it is today.

Granville Island has gone through many changes over the many decades. During the industrial boom in the early Twentieth Century, a second Granville Street Bridge was built to sustain the countless steel, wood, paint and cement factories that emerged. Over 1,200 workers travelled across this bridge every day until the Great Depression hit where many sawmills and factories were closed.

The Second World War came and demand for products rose, reviving the usefulness of Granville Island. But of course, the demand for heavy industrial output ended yet again after the war so the city officials decided to transform this island into what it is today – a place for people to gather.

If you visit Granville Island today, you will still see many traces of its historic origins such as the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks that are not in use anymore and some old tenants that are still in business such as Ocean Construction Ltd., a concrete factory that has been on the Island for over 90 years.

Stay tuned next week for more on Granville Island and what amazing things there is to do when you visit it now!



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