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Craving for something cheap? Then this is the right place for you! INTERNeX has been busy all week searching for good promotions or cheap places to share with you.

Used to getting coffee in the morning? A small speciality coffee is only $1 at the Mc Donald’s at the moment, so it is definitely worth it to switch coffee shops for a while just for this promotion. This promotion started at the 23rd of January and will last till the end of this week, so use this moment to enjoy a 16467040_1625292964152815_2118773967_ncheap coffee for once. Getting used to having coffee at the Mc Donald’s after this promotion? No worries, if you buy 7 coffees, you get the next one for free. You only need to keep the reward card and put the stickers from your cup on it. The reward card is also on your cup! Besides this promotion the Mc Donald’s is also offering digital coupons, which you can download from the site. However, you can also download the Mc Donald’s app for weekly promotions.

Today it is wings Wednesday, so that means you can get wings for a cheap price at restaurants all over Vancouver. The cheapest price that we found is 33 cents per wings in the Famous Warehouse. However, it is also worth checking out when it is not a Wednesday, as all their meals are $5 and therefore a good choice to go to if you want to go out for dinner, but already spent a lot of money.

Not into a coffee or food? At Cinema Public House and The Butcher & Bullock got $2 Tuesdays, when they offer beers for $2. So that means you can get wasted without spending too much money. Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

If you have not found the Dollarama yet, you definitely have to check it out as well. You can almost get everything at Dollarama, from baking forms to food and much more. If you need anything for your housing, first check out Dollarama before going to another place, as it can save you lots of money. Dollarama, your best friend from now on!

Every dollar counts, so keep these tips in mind when spending your money!

– Iris

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