Whitecaps vs Olimpia

Vancouver’s favorite soccer team is having a match on September 16th. And it’s not just any game. It’s a CONCACAF game which can be compared to Europe’s Champions League. Only here it’s a league for North and Central America as well as the Caribbean. That means this match against Olimpia from Honduras is quite a big deal!

On September 16th, instead of a normal Pub Night, we’ll be able to cheer for the Whitecaps together with their most loyal and crazy (in a cool way) fans.

We’ll meet up at Doolin’s Irish Pub at 5:00pm. It’s early for a Wednesday but it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss if you want to have a real Vancouver experience!
In case you can’t make it at 5:00pm still try to be there before 6:00pm because that’s when we begin marching towards BC Place.

Besides the hardcore fans we’ll be there together with International House, a language school INTERNeX works closely with. They actually came up with this event and helped us get these awesome tickets! Cheers to that!

Tickets are 30$ per person. Just drop in to the INTERNeX office until latest September 11th to pay for an exciting game with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

See you then!


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INTERNeX Canada: Green Men

Now that the hockey season is back in full swing, what do you think? I personally find myself having something to look forward to every two days and it makes for better conversations.

If you’ve been watching the games, you might have noticed two men dressed in green spandex sitting, or more likely acting a little crazy, beside the penalty boxes.

Known as Force and Sully, the “Green Men” are mega fans of the Vancouver Canucks who attend every home game to entertain the fans and annoy the opposing players while they are in the penalty box. Some of their crazy antics have been doing handstands against the glass, signs with provocative sayings or using cutouts of celebrities.

The pair decided to wear green suits to a game after being inspired by the character Charlie Kelly wearing a similar suit in the television program, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Since then, they’ve become infamous not only in Vancouver, but also in the hockey world.

Amongst much recognition, they have been inducted into ESPN Hall of Fans last year, have even written their own book Behind the Green, documenting their journey into their new found fame and almost 200,000 likes on their Facebook page.

Force and Sully have said that they will be around to entertain the hockey world until the Canucks win the Stanley cup that is. Take a look at what they are all about!



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Video Of The Week — WE ARE ALL CANUCKS!

It’s time for the video of the week and since we built up the tradition to show solely clips about the Canucks, the Stanley Cup, Vancouver and funny cover songs related to it, we want to stick to it for one last time…

 Today, on a sunny Wednesday, June 15, the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup 2011 for the first time in NHL history!

Why? Because they have the most awesome fans in the world! And of course because it’s a home match 😉 Next to that…They ROCK! It will be a nerve-wracking 7th and last match of the final! Everybody in the INTERNeX office is soooo excited about it!

So let’s cheer for our team from wherever you are, as loud as you can with all the positive energy that you have so the Canucks can hear every fan from every corner in Canada in the Rogers Arena!!

Let’s make them bring the gigantic trophy home on a wave of energetic, overwhelming fan love!

Even if you are not from Canada, just as me, remember that as long as you are here: WE ARE ALL CANUCKS! 😀

Go Canucks Go!

Your PR-Team

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We got more than 500 Fans on our INTERNeX Facebook Page

The INTERNeX Facebook Page got 500 Fans and I would like to thank you all of you. Everyone here at INTERNeX is working very hard for you and to see that so many people like what we do is a very special reward for us.

To see that our online community is growing shows us that we are doing a good job and for 2011 we will try to do an even better job for you. Our PR department, for example, will have more interns as the years before, so that you get even more information about whats going on in Canada. New systems are planed to be implemented to make communication with us more efficient and easier as well.

Thanks again for supporting us and have a happy New Year

Simon aka the Dungeon Troll

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Twilight Triple Bill!

Yesterday was a big day for all Twilight Fans! Eclipse, the third movie of the popular series premiered  last night.

I have to confess that even though I have read all the books and have seen all the movies I am still not a fan. I love the genre, you can wake me up anytime for a good vampire or werewolves movie but Twilight just doesn’t do it for me.

The opinion of people all around the world about Twilight are very versatile. You have the absolute fans, otherwise know as Twihards or Twilighter or people who don’t like it at all!  I went to the movies to find out why people seem to like it so much that they are willing to camp out for several days in order to get tickets  for the premiere (for the full story click here). So I am somewhat in the middle, but together with a few people from the Staffhouse I went to the Twilight Triple Bill yesterday at the Scotiabank Theatre.

So what is the Triple Bill? All three Twilight movies in one night! We started at 7pm with Twilight, then at 9.30 pm New moon and at 12.01 am Eclipse! For me going to a premiere and going to three movies in one night was a first so the night was even better!

Because of all the craziness surrounding Twilight we decided to go to the theatre at 5 pm and see how busy it was, and that turned out to be a smart decision! Because even though we had 2 hours before the movie started there was already a line of people waiting.  So we got in line and waiting to be let into the theatre. Luckily we were early enough to get some good seats. And then it began!

The first time I saw the Twilight Movie (yes I have seen it multiple times)  I did not like it at all. But then I watched it again with a friend and it started to grow on me. Last night I actually liked it, but that might have something to do with the atmosphere that was present yesterday. I had seen the second movie, New Moon, before and I already liked this one better. That could have something to do with Jacob (played by Taylor Lautner) always walking around with no shirt on but this movie is, in my humble opinion better.

The third movie started at 12.01 am, and even though I was really tired at that time (who can blame me after two movies right after each other)  I loved it. I read the book a long time ago so I don’t really remember what was in them, but I think they did a pretty okay job. When making a movie after a book there are always scenes that don’t make the movie but in general I think that the director David Slade did a good job.

Eclipse was David Slade’s first Twilight movie and in my opinion he captured the Twilight spirit that can be found in the books the best.  This movie was a bit darker as it is in the books, but it also had a few good laughs.

I wouldn’t go into to much details in case there are some people how haven’t seen it yet, but I really recommend everyone to go Eclipse.

– Manouk