INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock-Spanglish

We always say that Spain is different, and that’s true, is different. We have one of the best cuisines of the world, sunny days, beaches, big cities, small villages and nice people. Before the crisis started Spain was a complete paradise to live, and I am sure it will be again after a few years. We just need to be hopeful again.

Well Spain is different, but Spanish as well. How can you identify a Spanish people? Basic guide:

–          We don’t say “have”…we say “Jave”. With the J (sounds like GGG) of Jamon! Can I “Jave” a glass of water?

–          If you ask us our nationality, we are not Spanish, we are “Espanish”… we “Estart” something and we “Espend” a lot of money haha

I realize during my days at INTERNeX office that the English level of the young European people is super high, especially if I compare with ours.

In Spain we translate all the foreign films besides we have a huge film and music industry in Spanish language so we really don’t have the “real” need to learn English, not if you stay in Spain.

Of course we study English at the school and nowadays we all enjoyed going abroad to “learn English”… but that’s another big problem…everywhere a Spanish go, there are tons and tons of other Spanish speakers, so is kind of funny going to London or Dublin and party with another Spanish there, but useless if you really want to improve your English.

On the other hand it’s true that we are lucky, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and it’s a value added forever for our resume and we can always travel to a lot and lot of countries, like the most of South American’s countries and have a complete conversation with the local people, which is pretty cool!

It’s true that the vocabulary is pretty different in each country but we can understand perfectly each other (or almost the most of the times:))

You can have an advance level in English living in Spain and then when you travel abroad, you will say what??What are they saying? Is that English? It’s kind of desperate in the beginning, but at least in Vancouver we are kind of lucky because the people find our Spanish accent cute (Thank god)

I mean everybody has their own accent and their own way of speaking, but almost all the Spanish people you will meet, you will recognize it easily.

I guess they are right, Spain is different, and us as well.

Oh what a long post, hard work… I need a siesta right away!



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