INTERNeX Canada: HiGHLiGHTS of this week!

Hey guys, how is your weekend going?

Here are some of the highlights for this week!

We started the week saying hi to our new PR Intern Clara, who came from Mérida (Spain).

She is a lovely and friendly girl and she loves good films, music and visiting museums and art galleries.

She went to his first pub on Wednesday, so a few of you got to know her!

Then on Wednesday, we went to the Lamplighter Public House for our pub night!!

It was lots  of fun while we watched the hockey match (Vancouver vs San Jose) and drank.

It was super awesome just getting to know the new members of our group as we all as catching up with everyone !!!!


I think it was a short week for all of us, but it was wonderful !! (And good weather…yayyyyyy!! )

I really hope you are enjoying this  weekend whatever you are doing.



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INTERNeX Canada: Clara says “Whats Up?”

Hi guys!

My name is Clara Garcia, and I’m the new PR Intern. I’m an Advertising and Public Relation student. I’m from Mérida, a very beautiful city in the Southwestern part of Spain, with a large amount of old Roman monuments and famous for its ham, red wine and other delicious things.

The last four years I’ve lived in Madrid, so I love big cities and I know people from all around the world. About my hobbies, I’m very interested in good films, music and visiting museums and art galleries. I’m very outgoing and cheerful; I don’t like being alone for long periods of time, so I want to make friends as soon as I can!

Now that I’ve arrived at Vancouver I can say it’s a wonderful city! I was a little scared at the beginning, but Canadians are incredible kind with foreigners and there are cool shops and interesting places everywhere, especially in Downtown. One very curious place is the Steam Clock (as you can see in the photo).

Now I’m concentrated on improving my English and having a lot of experiences so please, don’t hesitate to add me on Facebook or ask me anything you want.

Hope to see you soon!


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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the Weekend?

Happy November!! How is your week going? This weekend, I will hopefully be going skydiving! (finger crossed that the weather behaves well.)

Though, November is not necessary one of those months that you are too excited about because it’s between holiday seasons. But, here are some important events going on this weekend that will make you change your mind!

DAYLIGHT SAVING ENDS – Change your clocks!

You will absolutely want to, actually NEED TO, attend to this event! On Sunday, at 2am, turn your clocks back one hour (so it becomes 1am).  That’s right change your phone, watch, microwave…whatever! The clocks are going back to Standard time in Vancouver which means that while you are losing an hour of daylight -not that there is much lately – you are gaining one hour of sleep!

  • When? 2am on Sunday or before you head to bed!
  • Why? As days get shorter and shorter in the Autumn and Winter, you want to take advantage of whatever sunshine that is available, so turning the clocks back will allow you to wake up when the sun comes up.

For more information, take a look at this website.


Join us on Sunday is exploring Vancouver’s famous fishing village – Steveston! Once home to Canada’s largest fishing fleer of more than 600 vessels, Steveston Village is now an idyllic village where you can eat the best fish and chips and buy fresh seafood directly from the fishermen at the dock for a lower price! If seafood isn’t your thing, there are many cute little gift and antique shops, delicious frozen yogurt and a beautiful garden in the town center. Don’t forget to bring your camera, you will definitely need it!

You know you want to come, so just click attend on our Facebook event!


November means Movember in Canada! What does this mean? This time every year, men grow their “Mo’s” to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives! So if you start seeing moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, don’t panic. In fact, I think men with moustaches are quite attractive. To participate, all you men can simply register at with a clean-shaven face…. And of course, let the moustache grow!

  • When? November 1st to 30th
  • Where? On your faces!
  • Cost? FREE and for a good cause!

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

VAFF: 16th Annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Vancouver has the biggest Asian population in Canada, so why not watch films that are made by some of the most prominent Canadian and American Asian filmmakers. All films are in English or have English subtitles. You might recognize some of the stars such as Sung Kang (The Dark Knight), Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) and Booboo Stewart (The Twilight Saga)!

  • When? Thursday, Nov. 1st to Sunday, Nov. 4th
  • Where? Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
    88 W Pender Street
    Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9

To check out the show times and buy tickets, go to their website here.




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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend



So many of you have already signed up for the PuB & ClUB but this is just a reminder that this is one party you don’t want to miss! We are started off at the Cambie for pre-drinks and then making our way over to Post Modern to party until the wee hours of the night!  We already have 2 guestlists made with a total of 65 people coming. THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!

Where: Cambie & Post Modern

Time: 7pm @ Cambie, 10pm Post Modern

Price: Free cover at both venues!!

DOXA Documentary Film Festival: May 4 – May 13

This is a weeklong film festival happening in the heart of Vancouver, which features independent and Canadian documentaries.  What better way to experience Canadian culture than watch Canadian made product.

Where: Various locations throughout Vancouver; see site for more details

Time: See site to view full festival schedule

Price: $12 single tickets

Roller Derby: MAY 5

Roller Derby is a classic sport making a comeback in Vancouver.  These girls are rough, tough and talented.  This Roller Derby event on Saturday is sure to be an exciting thing to watch!
Where: Minoru Arena, 7551 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC

Time: Doors open @ 5pm, Whistle Blows @ 6pm

Price: $15 (Bought in advance online) OR $20 at the door

Got Craft? : MAY 6
Come visit the largest Indie craft fair in Vancouver.  This fair will have over 55 vendors of local and handmade crafts, including clothing, jewelry, children’s accessories, and bath and body products.

Where: Royal Canadian Legion, 2205 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Time: 11am – 5pm

Price:$3 Entry



Tequila & More Show: MAY 4 – MAY 5
This event is for the tequila lover, enthusiast and rookies all alike! This show gives attendees a chance to sample tequila, taste authentic Latin cuisine, drink beer, enjoy music and so much more.  This show will feature top bartenders and mixologists putting on shows and competing for top spots.

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Time: 4pm-10pm

Price: $30 General Admission, or $25 per person with a group of +4

There are tons of things to get out and do this weekend, so we hope you have time to get out and have fun whatever you choose to do 🙂

Happy Friday and have an awesome weekend!!



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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend

According to the weather forecast it’s going to be a very sunny weekend! Do you already know what you’re going to do? If not, don’t worry, here are some great tips for those who are living in Vancouver or Toronto.



This month there is a great festival going on in downtown Vancouver. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a non-profit festival created in 2005 by Linda Poole. The festival was created in order to ‘express our gratitude’ for the cherry trees that we received as a gift from Japan and to celebrate the beauty and joy they bring to everyone.

There have already been some exciting things happening during the weekends and this weekend (Saturday, 14th) there is going to be a Cherry Blossom Umbrella Dance Flash Mob at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Theflash mobis FREE to watch so make sure you don’t miss it!

For more information please click here.


If the weather is going to be as great as they say it will be why don’t you take a walk around Stanley park with some friends or family and have a delicious picnic at Prospect Point? You can watch the big ships sail by and find a spot where you can bask in the warm sun. There are plenty of picnic tables available or if you want to lay a mat down on the grass then that’s possible too.

Already been to Stanley Park? You can always visit some other parks in Vancouver. Click here for more information on other great picnic locations.



The Images Festival is a media arts festival that brings together the best talent on a local, national and international in Toronto. There will be films, video programs and installation art on display; as well as live performances, artist talks and more.

Tickets for the activities range between: $5-8

For more information please click here.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



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International Film Festial Vancouver

Hi Everyone,

From the 29th September till the 14th October there is the International Film Festival in Vancouver. During these sixteen days you watch all kinds of movies for an affordable price! In this blog I would like to show you some trailers of interesting movies!

A Seperation –> Check the trailer
Winner, Golden Bear, Best Actor, Best Actress, Berlin 2011.

Or go to a real Canadian movie
Comforting Skin –> Check the trailer

The boy Mir: Ten Years in Afghanistan –> Check the trailer
This is a very interesting movie about a guy who is followed ten years long in Afghanistan. It is very interesting and it can be a confrontation!

Check the film schedule 🙂

The International Film Festival Vancouver is the best place to discover new films and talent.

Click here  for more information about locations, how to buy tickets, and prices!

your PR-Team

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What to do on the weekend?

Hi Everyone,

Yeah almost weekend! Just like every weekend, is there enough to do and see! We would love to give you some tips 😀

Vancouver – International Film Festival

Today the Vancouver International Film Festival will start! During these 16 days you can choose between more than 375 movies from 75 countries in different cinemas for a good price! All these movies will be seen by more than 150,000 film fans, are you one of them?

September 29th till October 14th 2011

Empire Granville 7 Cinemas
855 Granville St (between Smithe and Robson)

Pacific Cinematheque
1131 Howe St (at Helmcken)

Vancity Theatre
Vancouver International Film Centre
1181 Seymour St (at Davie)

Visa Screening Room
Vogue Theatre
918 Granville St. (at Smithe St.)

Check the film schedule


  • Regular Ticket: $12
  • Weekday Marinnee (Film starts beform 6pm, excludes holiday Monday 10th October) $10
  • 3D Movie $15
  • Student package 5 tickets for $50
  • 30 ticket pack for $270

How to buy tickets:
Visa is the exclusive card accepted by the Vancouver International Film Festival. All Visa cardholders have unique privileges, including the right to buy tickets, packs and passes for a full week before cash sales begin.

There are several options for buying passes or tickets:

Passes must be bought in advance.

For more Information about the films click here

Keep following us, because upcoming weeks we are giving you more information and some good tips about the International Film Festival!
Vancouver – Culture Days

During this weekend are the Cultural Days. During these days you can join many different activities everywhere around the city of Vancouver. Most of these activities are for free!

All the activities celebrate the creative expression of the great Canadian community. The idea is that you can go ‘behind the scenes’. In other words, you get the change to get close & experience the world of artists, architects, designers etc.

I would like to give you some examples of activities that you can join during the Culture Days:

  1. Free guided visit of CAG exhibitions
  2. Carmen Aquirre (Theater artist and writer)
  3. Pull Focus Film School (How to make a good documentary)
  4. Take a ballet class (with Alumni from the national ballet)

When: 20th September & 1st ,2nd of October
Price: Most activities are for free

Toronto – A free all-night contemporary art event

This Saturday is a great art event in Toronto for free! The city is transformed by more than 100 artists, specially for Toronto’s sixth annual sunset – sunrise celebration of contemporary art.
You can fine art everywhere in the city:

  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Unexpected places; churches, ponds, parks, a streetcar, or alleyways

Date: 1st of October

Time:7:00pm- whole night till sunrise

Where: there are more than 130 locations where you can you can see art, so check the map with all the locations here!

Price: free

For more information click here

We hope these tips were useful to you and that you will have a great weekend!

Cheers, Lydia

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