How was your weekend?

Phew what a weekend. This time I was spending my time to explore some other places in Canada. I didn’t want to stay too close to Vancouver so I thought what would be a better option than to travel all the way to Toronto. And that is exactly what I did.20190414_031519_0-1.jpeg

The long weekend started on Thursday evening with an overnight flight to Toronto and thanks to time difference we arrived in Toronto around 7 am. No matter how tired we were it was time to start exploring. The check-in for our Airbnb was only at noon so we decided to start off the day with a nice breakfast in downtown. Later on we got to our place, took a nap and really started to see what the city has to offer.


In a nutshell, we had some yummy dinners, great parties, amazing views and new friends. For me Toronto was an exciting place to experience since I’ve never been to a city similar to it. My friends thought that some parts of downtown reminded them of New York but in a smaller size. I’ve never been to NY myself but I could see what they meant since the busy streets were full of huge advertisement walls with their bright colors.

On Sunday we did a day trip to Niagara Falls. The bus drive is only a couple of hours and it goes by really fast. A round trip ticket to the falls was only 45 dollars, which I found pretty cheap. We stayed in Niagara Falls for about four hours and it was raining almost this whole time, but we didn’t let that get us down. The little town next to the falls totally surprised me. I did not expect anything like it, but it was like a small Disneyland. Four hours were gone before we knew and it was time to head back to Toronto.20190414_033439_0.jpeg

Toronto is a huge city with so much to do and see. Within these few days I feel like I only got a small peak of all the things there is to see. I am still very glad I decided to do this trip and would recommend Toronto and Niagara Falls to anyone.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!

-Jasmin xx

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