Review: Victoria trip

On Saturday we went to Victoria to celebrate Canada Day. It was great to explore Victoria together with all of you! Thank you all for coming!


We started our journey pretty early with the 9 AM ferry to Swartz Bay. Once we got on the ferry, we went outside to enjoy the view. After a while it got pretty windy and we decided to go inside again where we just chilled out for the rest of our trip. At Swartz Bay we got a bus to downtown Victoria. When we arrived in Victoria, tour guide Tess (also known as TT) took over and she guided us to the visitor’s centre. At the visitor’s centre we transformed into real Canadians, as we got cute little badges with the Canadian flag, tattoos and a small Canadian flag.


In Victoria it was packed with people and therefore we had to watch out that we didn’t loose anybody. There were also several street artists that were playing music and there was one that did tricks. We watched one of the street artists for a while and then decided to move on to the Fisherman’s Wharf. We started our search for seals, but unfortunately we did not find any. Luckily, there were a lot of good food venues at Fisherman’s Wharf so we decided to go lunch there. The hunt for a table for 9 people was even harder, as it was busy at Fisherman’s Wharf as well. In the end we conquered one table and ate our delicious food.


Then we went back to the free festival at the Parliament building. There was a big variety of performances from a dance performance to a choir which sang the national anthem. Besides that there were a lot of food trucks where you could get amazing food. While enjoying the different performances, we chilled out on the grass. We got to see how many different cultures are actually present in Canada. After a while some of us went back to Vancouver to enjoy the fireworks at Canada place. The others stayed in Victoria to enjoy the fireworks there.

I hope you all had a great long weekend and hope to see you all on PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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How was your weekend? – Victoria Day Trip

Oh Yesterday! It was a cool Sunday morning when we gathered for our trip to British Columbia’s capital city. It took us quite a while to get down to ferry at Tsawwassen Bay. And shortly before 11am we were finally able to board the Spirit of Vancouver Island. On the ferry we first had to figure out our way around, but eventually ended up on the open deck where we enjoyed the sun and the open water all around us. At some point there was even an interesting presentation on sharks and stingrays that live near Vancouver.

Finally, we arrived in Victoria after taking another bus from Swartz Bay. The first thing we noticed? No skyscrapers! Also, everything looked quite different from Vancouver. Before, going on this day trip I had heard Victoria looks very European. And it’s true! The capital really had a European-ish feeling to it.

Our first stop took us to Craigdarroch Castle which seemed to be home to a deer that came by to check out the property. It’s amazing how nonchalant it looked. It seemed like it was just taking a stroll in its backyard.
Later we walked around Downtown, just taking in everything around us and when our stomachs started complaining we made our way to Fisherman’s Wharf for some Fish &Chips.

Time flew, so we headed back to catch the ferry in time. On our return we were able to see an amazing sunset which completed our day.

Next weekend: INTERNeX Goes Rockies! Can’t wait!

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Victoria Weekend Trip!

This weekend was great! I went to Vancouver Island for the weekend. I wanted to do something special again and my housemate Sinnika was excited about it as well. A lot of new people arrived last week at the INTERNeX staffhouse and we asked them if they would like to join us. So on Saturday morning we left the house early and we were with 8 people.

The Journey
We left the house at 11 am. We took a bus to a skytrain station and took the skytrain to Bridgeport Station. From there the bus goed to Tsawwassen, where the real journey begins, the ferry! The ferry is really nice, you can go on the deck and you will see a lot of different islands. The ferry also has places where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. After 1,5 hour we arrived at Swartz Bay. From Swartz Bay there goes an express (bus 620) to Victoria.

The Hostel
We stayed in the Hostelling International. We had a room just for us! It is really affordable and it is a nice place. Usually there are a lot of young people in a hostel but all the people we saw were around 50 years, still it is a good place for young people. The hostel has an area with a pool table and you can play table soccer. The hostel is on a perfect location in downtown!

The experience
We walked around Victoria for an hour and after that we decided to have dinner. We went to Earls, they have a lot of different things and it’s not that expensive. After the dinner we went to the hostel again. We played some pool, table soccer, board games and had some drinks. We were ready to party! There are a lot of things where you can go to and almost everything is within walking distance from the hostel. We decided to go to Upstairs. It’s a nice club with good party music but unfortunately the atmosphere can be a little bit aggressive. After the club closed we went to Pita Pit to have some food and went to the hostel again. I had a good sleep!

The second day we left the hostel to do some sightseeing. We saw the Parliament, the harbor, a really expensive hotel and we went to China Town and Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf is a really cool place. There are houseboats and we even saw seals!

After a great weekend we went back (with the ferry!) to our home far away home, the staffhouse.
If you are interested to go to Victoria or you want some more information, just send an email to!