Rockies Review Spring IV

On the fourth and last day we made our way back to Vancouver from Golden. It was a lot of driving, but we had some movies we could watch and of course we made stops to pipi and popo or to get lunch. However before lunch time we made a stop just off the highway at a flea market. Just before we stopped we played secret santa in the bus, so everyone got a name of one of the others in the bus. At the flea market we had to buy the most crazy outfit for our secret santa in 15minutes, and wow…you could find some crazy outfits there. Once back in the bus it was time to reveal your secret santa, give them a hug and their present. There were some real ridicules presents, such as spiderman glasses, a chefs hat, pink dresses for boys, one suits for skiing and go on. After everyone got their present it was time to go for lunch, dressed in your presents. Oh my, we got some weird faces. After our lunch break it was time to drive last part of the trip to Vancouver. We had another nice movie on and around 6pm we arrived well and safely back in Vancouver after 4 crazy days in the Rockies.

We loved every single piece of it and if we had the change we would be right back in the Rockies! How about you?

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