INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Another week at the office starts today. But before we start, let’s take a look on the awesome weekend we had.

On Saturday we went to the Lynn Canyon Park in North-Vancouver.  We started hiking around 11am in the morning. In this park you can do some nice hikes. We saw waterfalls, bridges, fast flowing rivers, great views and of course the famous suspension bridge.

After a few minutes walking we went down to the river. The water was to cold for swimming, but with our shoes off we could climb to some of the big rocks. From there we took our shoes back on and continued our hike. Minutes later we arrived at the 30 foot pool. This is one of the main attractions of Lynn. It’s is a small canyon with some amazing blue and deep water.


Via a lot of stairs we came on a higher point. From there we hiked through the forest to the last thing on our list: the Twinn Falls. This is another waterfall you can visit (from the same river).
At the start point we took some lunch and enjoyed the (dry) weather. After the lunch we took the bus or bike back to our homes! Thanks for coming, we had a fantastic day with all of you!

Yesterday was also a busy day for me. I rented a car for one day to make a small roadtrip. First we went to Whistler, north of Vancouver. On our way we stopped at some awesome waterfalls. From Whistler we drove further north till we arrived at Pemberton. The temperature was amazing: 31 degrees Celsius! There was a small lake where some of us took a swim.


After a nice and full day of sightseeing is was time to go home. First we had some dinner in Squamish. After that we drove via the Sea to Sky highway back to (a rainy) Vancouver. I can recommend this trip to everybody; just rent a car and enjoy!

Have a great week,


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INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the week

As you know, last weekend Mercedes and I went to Whistler. The last day, we got up very early in the morning and we went to the forest to do trekking. I told you in an old post that a have a strong high-fear. But at the moment that this picture was taken, I didn’t know anything about trekking, for that reason I’m so happy and relaxing at the photo. And so ridiculous with my helmet…

But finally, it was an amazing experience! It can be a little shocking but is very safe. As you can see at the picture, with all this stuff hanging, is impossible that any accident happens. You have to try it!



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
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INTERNeX Canada: Expose of the week

Today’s expose is with Klara from Bremen in Germany, she is staying in Canada until August. She alway wanted to go to Canada because of the amazing endless view of nature and because it is easy to travel around. She is exited to start the Volunteer Program, Wildlife Project next week. However now she is busy with an English course in Vancouver. Want to know more about her experiences so far, read below.

Is your English course useful? Yes, it is helping me improve my English and I’m meeting a lot of new people.

What kind of volunteer program are you going to do? First I will start with urban wildlife project, which is working with the rehabilitation of animals. I always loved taking care of animals at home that why and am looking forward to start helping these insured and orphaned animals. After the Urban Wildlife Project I am starting another project but I am not sure over what kind.

What do you like most about Vancouver? Vancouver is multicultural and I am meeting people from all over the world. The people here in Vancouver are really nice and always friendly. When I lost my way here they are always willing to help. Furthermore I like the fact that everything the mountains, the sea and the forest are so close together it’s really beautiful.

What trips did you do in your free time also organized by INTERNeX? I haven’t been here for long but I am thinking of joining INTERNeX with the Sun peaks trip it look a lot of fun.

Do you attend the weekly PuB-NiGHTs, organized by INTERNeX and do you think this is a good way to meet new people? I like to go to the PuB NiGHTs a lot. The pub here have a really nice atmosphere and it’s a great way of hanging out with the people I met here and meeting new people.

How did you find a place to stay? INTERNeX helped me with finding a nice place to stay. I am staying at the Staffhouse of INTERNeX and like to stay here your never alone and always meet new people. The people I met at the Staffhouse always know Vancouver and give me a lot of tips. It’s a great way to be introduced to Vancouver.

Would you recommend INTERNeX International ExchangeI haven’t been on the wild life project yet but so far so good, great way to go and experience Vancouver and to meet lots of people and off course having fun doing everything.

Where have you been in and around Vancouver? 
I have been to Stanley Park, English bay, different pubs, the cinema, North Vancouver and match more.  I like it here. Lynn Canyon Park is a really beautiful forest, it was cold and wet when I visited but that made it all the more amazing.

What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada? 
The Staffhouse party with all the balloons had been a lot of fun as well as meeting people from all over the place. I talked hours with a girl from Spain and of course the chines parade,

 What would you recommend to other visiting Vancouver with INTERNeX International Exchange? Yes off course, it’s a good place to meet people from all over the world. The service is so friendly if you are on the bus or in a coffee shop. When you come with iINTERNeX go to the PuB NiGHTs they are so much fun.

Thank you Klara for sharing your experiences with us.  It is great to hear that you have a great here in Vancouver! Enjoy everything that Canada has to offer, and I wish you the best!



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Check out the Capilano Suspension Bridge!

One of the first things I saw when I came to the city was Vancouver’s oldest tourist attraction. The Capilano Suspension Bridge, originally built in 1889, stretches 450 feet (137m) across and 230 feet (70m) above Capilano River. Since then much has been added to the twenty-seven acre park. Of the many things to do, Treetops Adventure is the park’s newest attraction – seven suspension bridges through the evergreens taking you up to 100 feet (30m) above the forest floor.

Guided nature tours, the Kids’ Rain forest Explorer program and Living Forest exhibit enhance this unique rain forest encounter. Enjoy musical entertainment and First Nations carving demonstrations. Take photos at the Totem Park and with the Capilano Tramps. Top it off with a visit to the gift shop full of quality merchandise from all over Canada and great homemade fudge!

Check out some more of my pictures on our Flickr account!

For those of you wishing to go, I recommend going on a Sunday. You can take the sea bus with a one zone pass on that day! Here’s some  more  helpful information:


Adult: $29.95
Senior (65+): $27.95
Student (17+ and with ID): $23.75
Youth (13 – 16): $18.75
Child (6 – 12): $10.00
Child under 6: FREE

Included in the cost of admission:

  • The world famous Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Thrilling Treetops Adventure and dramatic Cliffhanger Walk
  • Interactive Living Forest exhibit
  • Seven acre West Coast rain forest
  • Complimentary guided eco-tours
  • World’s largest private Totem Pole collection
  • First Nations Artisans depicting their artistic techniques, skills and heritage
  • Story Center history walk
  • Seasonal indoor and outdoor dining venues for group & FIT meals
  • Shopping in the 1911 Trading Post Gift Shop
  • Get out there and have fun – and take as many pictures as you can!

    – Laura