INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday- Think different

Christmas time is here! Lights, special cookies, tree decorations…red cups in Starbucks, Christmas market… definitely is here! Even if we are still in November!

Probably for the most of us will be the first Christmas time without our families and friends at home, it will be strange I am not going to deny it! But it could be a really good experience to live with our “new families” here! We arrived alone, but nobody is alone anymore. Living without your family and friends makes you more open to the new experiences and it’s easier to know more and more people. It’s usual to establish some kind of special connection with some people, like if you already known them for a  long time;they are part of your life and will be forever!

Some relations are stronger than distance and time, I am far away from home an even if I would live here for long time I’m sure than when I come back the important people in my life will be still there, like always. And the same will happen in the future with the important people you met here.

You don’t forget anyone just because the distance… and right now the borders just mean paperwork, but nothing else.  If you want something, if you love someone just change the things, nobody can say you can’t. Live your dream, don’t dream your life. Everything is possible if you firmly believe that.

And after this little reflection, it’s forbidden to think more, it’s Friday! Let’s party with our new family here!


Happy Friday!



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Tuesday MovieDay!

Tuesday is thé day to go the movies in Canada. Normally a ticket costs $12.00 but on Tuesday you can go for the movies for half price!

Telus, in cooperation with Cineplex have the ½ Price Movie Combo. For only $11.70 you get ½ price off an admission, regular popcorn and a regular drink. To check out more about the Telus offer click here

The Empire theatres offer a Reel Deal Tuesday, which means you can go to the movies for only $5.99! They also offer a Combo deal where you can get a small popcorn, regular soft drink and a Nestle treat for only $5.99!

Supposedly it is also possible to get the Telus ½ Price Movie Combo without the popcorn and drink for only $5.75. Just go to one of the participating Cineplex theatres and at the ticket booth ask for a Telus ticket without the popcorn and soft drink.

Some of the movies now playing in the movie theaters are:

Iron Man 2

Prince of Persia: Sands Of Time

Robin Hood

Sex and The City 2

Shrek Forever After

For more information about these movies or which other movies are also playing check out these websites:


Empire theaters

So where are the movie theatres? We have put together a list with the most popular theaters in Vancouver and the rest of Canada

Popular movie theatres in Vancouver are:

Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver, 900 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Festival Cinemas Fifth Avenue Cinemas, 2100 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Van East Cinema, 2290 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Empire Theatres – Esplanade 6 Cinemas, 200 West Esplanada, North Vancouver
Dunbar Theatre, 4555 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
Famous Players Richmone Centre 6,  Richmond Shopping Centre, 6551 Number 3 Road, Richmond, BCFamous Players SilverCity Metropolis, 4700 Kingsway Avenue, Burnaby, BC

Popular movie theatres in Canada are:

Scotiabank Theatre Chinook, 6455 MacLeod Trail, Calgary
South Edmonton Common, 1525 99th Street, Edmonton
Scotiabank Toronto, 259 Richmond St West, Toronto

If you are not a fan of the blockbusters you can also check out the International Film centre. Ticket prices at the International Film Centre in Vancouver start as low as $8.00.

I can’t wait to see some of the movies that are playing now, so you know where you can find me for next few Tuesday nights. Do you also want to see a movie but, like me don’t have anybody to go with? E-mail me at and see if we can get enough people together to go as a group!