INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

And we are off! The journey through the Canadian Rockies has begun! We left this morning at 7.30am from Waterfront station with 5 Westtrek buses and we will eventually split up to go on two separate routes. There are INTERNeX Candidates in the party bus and in the regular bus as well, and we will be taking the North route. We expect to get no sleep on the party bus!

Would you like to follow our journey online and find out what we are up to? The three PR interns who are on the trip (Hannes, Petra & Lies) will keep you up to date on their current location via foursquare whenever they have access to wifi. Their check-ins will automatically show up on your Facebook and Twitter feed if you have liked our page on Facebook and/or are following us on Twitter. To like us on Facebook please click here.

We will be taking beautiful pictures of the locations so that you can share the experience too, in a way 🙂

Sad that you missed the INTERNeX trip of the month? Don’t worry we will be organizing another great trip for the month of May. Read our UPCOMING INTERNeX EVENTS blog post next Wednesday to find out where we will be going!

We hope you have a lovely weekend!



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