INTERNeX Canada: The secret of the Canadian Happiness

A recently studio says that Canada is the 6th happiest country in the world (the first one is Denmark, if you feel curious). The study, supported by the United Nations, contemplates many factors like life expectancy, GDP per capita, social support, generosity of fellow citizens, state of the economy, perceptions of corruption and freedom to make life choices.

This result doesn’t surprise me at all. Everybody has a smile here, everybody is polite and nice. Even the police.

I’m here for almost 5 months and I still feel surprised about the kindness of the people. Is very common that somebody come to you in the middle of the street only to say you: Hey! I really love your tights! And the other day I found the following notice in a Liquor Store:

“We are obligated to ask for two pieces of ID to all the people under 30. So don’t be angry with the employees if they ask you for your documents, it’s a compliment”.

After a while, is logical to realize that if they are so nice, is because they feel happy.

So, I decided to make a sociological investigation about the factors that explain why the Canadians are so happy.

– Obviously, one of the main reasons is that Canada is a rich country. They have a good economy, it’s easy to get a job and there are a lot of resources for a small population.

– The social cover is pretty good here, other reason to feel safe. Have universal health care and public education is one of the foundations of a happy society. This is one the biggest differences when you compare Canada with USA.

– Equality and tolerance. It’s also a country where the differences between the social classes are not very big, and other cultures are usually welcomed. I repeat, in general, it’s impossible to extend one opinion over a whole country. There are stupid people everywhere.

So up to now, we can find these factors in others countries with a good position into the ranking. But, what factors are exclusively Canadians, what makes Canada so especial, what is impossible to find in other place?

– The amazing nature. With all this beautiful landscapes around you is impossible to feel bad. And practicing outdoor activities, be in contact with the nature, is very easy even if you live in a big city.

– Hippie culture heritage: maybe is my impression, but I think that some concepts of the 60’s hippie culture are still present in the global values of the Canadian society. Apart of be nice and take care of the environment, there are other things. For example, be easy-going is almost a must here, at least into the young community. And is very common to hear expressions like “good o bad vibrations” or “harmony” and they have a strong sense about being a community.

– Avoid the critics or negatives comments are another very common features inside the Canadian society. This behavior sometimes drives the Europeans crazy, because is impossible to know if they really think that you are so amazing or they really hate you.

– Freedom: in my opinion the social codes are more relaxed here. For example, the other day I went to a hospital and my nurse was completely full of tattoos and she had green hair, which is completely impossible to find is Spain.

Anyway, this is only a personal opinion. If you want, you can share with us you more shocking experiences with the Canadian way of life.

Take care!


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INTERNeX Canada: Highlights of the week

I just realized that this week, I’ve been working for INTERNeX for one month already. When I look back to all the great stuff I’ve gotten up to in this short period of time and all the people I’ve met already, it makes me happy because I know now that my decision to go back to Canada was the best thing I could ever have done. It was on Thursday morning when Irene and I went to Queenie’s graduation ceremony at SFU and her class representative held such an inspiring speech it gave me goose bumps. Her words just fit so much to everything I was feeling when I graduated a couple of months ago. She mentioned that freedom was something you will only truly value when you have experienced it yourself and during her extensive time abroad she learned to appreciate uncertainty and accept change as a part of the way to reach the vision for her own life. All the great planning is pointless, just go with the flow, make tons of mistakes and you’ll end up where you really belong. Seriously this girl was so good, she sounded like she had a degree in Communications or something. 🙂

You see, talking about the future is way too hard sometimes, so let’s rather have a quick look back on what we did last week! Sunday was filled with unexpected experiences when we entered a Sikh Temple as total noobs and then ended up immersing ourselves into this fascinating culture: Covered our hair, took our shoes off, sacrificed a quarter at the altar-like center of the prayer room and had some spicy Indian food for lunch together with the Sikh community. What a special thing to do in Canada!

Another highlight was the Karaoke night at Toby’s Pub & Grill on Commercial Drive. Some amazing and definitely a lot of horrible singing happened that night but nevertheless, we were happy to see some many new people as part of the INTERNeX crew!!

I can’t wait for all the cool things we have planned for you in October and November! Especially the Thanksgiving dinner, our trip to Whistler, the Halloween party and the Rockies trip in November will for sure be some more days to remember.



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Smart Saver Vancouver

Do you ever wish you had a car for just an hour, either to pick up a piece of furniture you bought at IKEA, or to get a huge grocery haul from the discount supermarket that is too far for walking distance? Or maybe you want to take a weekend road trip to Whistler or Seattle? This is where this week’s Smart Saver will come in very handy for you!  INTERNeX has just partnered up with a company called Zipcar and if you haven’t heard of them before, I am sure you are going to be very interested in what they have to offer.

Zipcar is a car sharing company that has vehicles all throughout Vancouver for any of their members to use at any time on any day.  All you have to do is go online or use your IPhone or Android and look up where the closest Zipcar pod is to your current location. From there you can reserve or book a car by the hour, the whole day or even longer!

Once you are a Zipcar member, you have access to every single car in their fleet, and the rates start at $8/hr for a car rental.  How cheap is that?? But that’s not even the best part, when you rent a Zipcar you are not responsible for any fuel or insurance costs and you get 200km free which each reservation.  So if you want a hybrid car for an hour, all you’re going to pay is $8.00 and that’s it!

Zipcar is such a great way to have the freedom of driving without the cost of having to pay for gas, insurance or costly monthly car payments. Zipcar is regularly $90 to join and $65 annually each year after, however, they have a special offer, which is a $30/year membership (Savings of $60) and will be giving back $30 in driving credit.  After this is paid, you have access to every single car in zipcar’s fleet.  They have such a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, they have hybrids, MINIs, coupes and even BMW’s if you’re feeling extra classy or want to impress a hot date 😉

Want to save even more money?

INTERNeX and Zipcar are offering you a special deal only available to INTERNeX candidates. All you need is:

Promo Code: INTERNeX2012

Then you are all set to go ahead and sign up online.

**Please note that this offer may not be available forever so don’t miss out on your chance to drive a Zipcar!

What does this mean?

This means that you will have $30 worth of driving credit to use on any  Zipcar of your choice. So your $30 credit is basically paying itself towards the first year membership free. Think of all the opportunities… Road Trips, blasting tunes and making pit-stops along the way wherever you like. OH THE FREEDOM!

If you have any questions about Zipcar, or the special offer being offered to INTERNeX candidates please feel free to visit their website or send the PR team an email. If you have questions specific to signing up for a membership send Zipcar an email and they will happily help you out with the process.


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Casual Friday

It is time for our weekly casual Friday posts! As I’m sure not a lot of you will know, February is National Black History Month. This is celebrated every year in America and Canada; and in the UK in October. This remembrance month was set up in 1926, but was originally just for the second week of February. As the more people started to get involved it was decided that the whole month would be dedicated to it.

The main idea behind this month is to celebrate and remember the rich African and Caribbean History and iconic members of society that have had an influence on black history. During this month a diverse selection of events are going on in Vancouver, so be sure to keep an eye out for posters and such around the city.
To help you out a bit I’ve made a list of things to do that you might find interesting:

Thursday, February 9Saturday, March 10
THEATRE: Intimate Apparel
The Arts Club Theatre | Granville Island Stage
1585 Johnston Street

Friday, February 10 (8 pm)
Stayed on Freedom! A Musical Celebration of Black History Month
St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
SW corner of Burrard and Nelson

Saturday, February 11
(Beginners 6-7 pm, Advanced 7-8 pm) African Drumming Classes
Small World
2120 Commercial Drive

Click here for more information about the events mentioned above.

Thursday, February 23 (doors at 6:30pm)
PERFORMANCE: Skins & Steel Vancity Theatre 1181 Seymour Street

Monday, February 27 (7pm)

MOVIE: The Mighty Jerome Alice MacKay Room, Lower Level Central Library
350 West Georgia Street

Click here for more information

Enrich your knowledge of Black History and visit one of these events; it’s always a great way to meet new people as well!


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Casual Friday

Hey guys,

I was reading the newspaper today that the website Megaupload has been shut down by the U.S. government. MegaUpload is one of the world largest file-sharing site and several company executives where arrested on piracy charges. I feel that this will be just one of the first websites this is going happen to, and even more are coming unless we really protest and make sure the government does not inhabits us in our internet usage or threaten our prosperity, online security, and freedom of expression.

The SOPA & PIPA are just two of the bills racing through the American congress right now, but stay vigilant!!

Protest by clicking HERE !!!!

Furthermore I want to leave you guys on a more cheerful note., that’s why I have this video for you. Let’s hope we are able to enjoy youtube  and other websites for a long time 🙂

Watch the cards trick and listen to the story!!!

Have a nice weekend


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