Candidate Exposé – Ann Aulbach

My name is Ann-Katrin Aulbach, I’m 25 years old and from Germany, Bavaria. I’m working as a bank Clerk in Germany.

22195299_127767424637167_60382774307750730_n - Ann-Katrin Aulbach

I decided to come to Canada, because I wanted a time-out from my day-life and my job. I booked the practicum program, because I wanted to do something what’s good for my resume. It wasn’t the right choice. But that’s not the fault of INTERNeX. At the end I think it would had be better if I had choose the work-and-travel program. I was working at a manufacturing and export company.  I didn’t like it there. It wasn’t the right place for me. It was a practicum for event management.

In Vancouver I was at a homestay. INTERNeX found it for me. My first impression about Vancouver was: Wow, it was so big and full of people. I really love Vancouver/Canada. It was like in my dreams. I will definitely come back. As soon as possible 🙂

I joined every event. It was so much fun. I really enjoyed it. It was good organized and the people are now friends. I made a road trip with a RV from Calgary to Jasper, Banff, Hinton, Okanagan Valley, Vancouver Island and at the end Vancouver. There I stayed for 2 months with INTERNeX. I did a bungee jump when I was in Whistler. I was at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I was at Fly over Canada. In the Look-out tower. So much else, I cannot list all of my adventures.

AnnI liked the friendly people the most about Canada. The wide, the nature, the wild. All of it. But definitely not the rubbish. The most memorable thing I did was whale watching. The first thing I did when I came home was eating some real bread, no toast 🙂

I got inspired to travel some more. First I want to go back to Vancouver 🙂 Then Australia and New Zealand. I love the connection with other people, the activities and of course I will recommend the service of INTERNeX.

– Ann Aulbach

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Candidate Exposé – Lukas Hug

My name is Lukas and I’m 22. I live in the Southern part of Germany and study economics there.

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Timothy, the CEO of INTERNeX, visited our university and introduced the organization and all the programs. I heard about the beauty of Canada and wanted to make a new experience. My plan was to see the Canadian culture and their working life. I would recommend INTERNeX, it is a good organization. They helped me with my visa and they organized my practicum and host family.

I did a practicum in Vancouver. I really liked it, it was an awesome experience. I worked at a financial services firm. My colleagues were really friendly and they gave me interesting tasks. You must be interested in financial issues and you need analytical skills. Moreover you should be a team player. It is useful for my career goals because working in Canada is different to working in Germany. I made good working experiences that will help me in my future career.

I lived at a host family and I loved it. They were awesome to me. From day one, I felt at home. On my first day in Vancouver my host family organized a barbecue at Kitsilano Beach. We enjoyed the sunrise there and it was a really good start in this beautiful city.


During my time in Vancouver I saw many beautiful and interesting places and made lots of new friends. I attended almost every pub night. It was a good opportunity to meet new people. After every pub night we went to a karaoke bar, it was so much fun. I went on a Rocky Mountains trip, to the Joffre Lakes, Victoria, Whistler, Garibaldi Lake, Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, Granville Island and to many more places. And I attended several sport events, e.g. a hockey, soccer and baseball match. I love this beautiful nature and the open-hearted people. The most memorable thing was going to the Joffre Lakes and feeding wild animals. Staying in the Rocky Mountains and sitting next to a bonfire at night was really nice as well.

The first thing I did when I came back in Germany was enjoying time with my family and friends. Hopefully I can go back to Canada soon.

– Lukas Hug

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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INTERNeX Canada: Exposé of the week ft. Christoph Schmitz !

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing  Christoph Schmitz, who comes from Köln, Germany and finished his bachelor in Business administration. He decided to come to develop his professional skills before he starts his master studies.

He attended an internship with INTERNeX in Vancouver at Purdy´s, the leading chocolate company in Canada.

Why did you come to Canada?

Well, I´ve been traveling quite a lot I would say but I’ve never been to Canada before and it was like a very unfamiliar place and I wanted to discover something new and that´s mostly why I came.

Tell me about Purdy´s, the company you are working for.

Purdy´s is the chocolate leading company here in Canada and they have 63 shops all over the country. It was founded in 1907 by Mr. Purdy and since 1963 the Flavelle Family owns the business.

This is the only Factory, located in 2777 of Kingsway in Vancouver, but there is another location with a bigger warehouse and also offices in the City of Vancouver.

What is the best and the worst about working in a chocolate Factory?

The best specially here is that people are really very nice, friendly and helpful. They help me a lot, especially during the beginning. Another good thing is that I have very interesting tasks here.

But eating chocolate everyday is not so good. Hahahaha. Well, I have to admit is not so bad as well!

Have you gained weight since you work here?

I guess a bit, hahaha, but I didn’t step on the scale, but maybe a bit yes.

What’s the most unexpected thing about working in Purdy’s?

Well, here I work for purchasing, but I also do some quality issues, and also participate in some smaller projects. Is very interesting because I didn´t expect to try different things other than purchasing.

What´s the most interesting thing that you learned?

I didn´t have really too much idea about purchasing before and I think I know quite a lot know, and I also got in contact with a lot of people and that´s very interesting.

What are your basic daily tasks?

Mostly all the colleagues from another departments come and tell me what they need, for example ingredients or so, and I start my research on the internet, catalogues and so, and I have to find good quality and good price. Then I give suggestions about what can fit the best, and sometimes I try to get them samples so they can test it before.

If they agree with me, I create a purchase order and ask for quotes and I contact the suppliers, and if everybody agrees I send the purchase order and then I confirm the arrival of the order, and make sure that is complete or is not broken or if there is a kind of problem with the order.

Is your internship useful?

Definitely yes. I learnt a lot about purchasing and I saw that is very connected to my field of study, so is very useful. And of course I have interesting tasks (when I wake up every morning I don’t really think I have to go to work because I really enjoy it). It´s without doubt a great opportunity for me.

 What do you like the most about Canada and Vancouver?

I really like that in Vancouver you have all the kind of places you can visit. You have the mountains, the sea, a big city, etc…so you can do everything here as long as the weather is good!

What is the thing that you liked less about Vancouver?

This question is pretty hard. I would say that the worst thing is that I miss my family, and my girlfriend, so if they were here they would make it perfect!

Did you attend some trips or activities with INTERNeX?

Yes, I attended the PuB Nights and some trips, for example the White Water Rafting Trip in Chilliwack, which was amazing.

Why did you choose INTERNeX?

I contacted a guy in Germany who looked for international internships and he suggested INTERNeX because he had a very good experience before and worked quite a lot with INTERNeX.

Was INTERNeX helpful here in Vancouver?

Yes, definitely. Mainly because it was easier to find friends and meet people in the same situation. And I was always had the chance to be in contact with you guys, and ask you questions.

Would you recommend INTERNeX?

Yes, of course, because they organize very nice trips and also the pub nights which are a very good way to meet new people and have a relaxing time after work. They also helped me a lot and when I arrived hey gave me a welcome orientation, etc.

How did you find you accommodation?

Mina from INTERNeX, helped me and contacted my homestay family, so I could get my room. It was too easy.

What’s the first thing you will do when you arrive to Germany?

For sure drink local beer!!

What’s your favorite chocolate in Purdy’s?

I really like the dark chocolate with lots of cocoa, but I would say that my favorite is the one with a combination of caramel inside and salt inside of dark chocolate. Hmmmm.

And now for all of those who love chocolate, what´s the process in the factory for making chocolate?

First we get all this huge mass of ingredients and then in the kitchen they melt the chocolate, they mix all the ingredients and make all this secret recipes. When the chocolate is done, it goes to another section where they cut it and mix it maybe with more chocolates (for example if is it has cream inside). Depending on the type of chocolate we have to add some extra ingredients.

When it´s ready, it´s saved in boxes and then they go to the pack-line where they are introduced in it´s right box or package.

Finally, the chocolate goes to the Warehouse and then to the cooling room. If we need to ship directly the chocolate in the West Coast, we have two trucks for that.

And last question that I need to know, why can´t you wear perfume in the factory?

Well, because the chocolate absorbs the tastes. For example is you put chocolate in a paper, in a few weeks is going to taste like paper. So that´s why also we can´t wear perfume because it absorbs everything.

Thank you so much Christoph for sharing your experiences with us and best of luck in your future !



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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review!

PuB NiGHT at the Morrissey!!

As soon as you step inside the Morrissey pub, you’ll be welcomed by a cozy atmosphere -dimmed chandelier, candles on the wooden table, vintage frames on the wall, and a warm fireplace. That’s where we were yesterday for our Wednesday pub night!

But not just any pub night..because it was full of awesome fun games, and prizes! We started out by playing a round of card game called One Card (similar to UNO). It was fun but as more people arrived, we decided to team up and play Cards Against Humanity. All the answers were so hilarious…and of course terribly inappropriate 😉 And the winning teams won free admission to the Vancouver Maritime Museum! 

I really enjoy being at the Morrissey. The music is never too loud and waitresses are pretty friendly…and their cocktails aren’t bad either!Perhaps the only downside is that it’s a bit on the pricier end.

Valentine and Ann-Christin

And we also had Lesley from Westtrek, who showed us a game called quarters tournament (this is where you compete to get two quarters into a cup). The two winners won a $25 discount coupon towards the Rockies trip!

Cute girls, handsome European men, drinks, games, prizes…what more can you want 😉 join us next week if you missed out last night!

And if you just can’t wait till next week, come with us this Sunday March 17th as we watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade, drink green beer, and party it up at the Venue! For more details, click here.



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PuBNiGHT at the Blarney Stone

It took a while but here are the pictures from the PuB NiGHT! I had some technical difficulties uploading the pictures! I hope everyone enjoyed their night at Blarney Stone?!  With friendly staff and a good atmosphere we understand why The Blarney Stone was voted Best Irish pub in Vancouver again last year.

There was a live band, and as the night progressed they played some nice music where people could dance to.

During the evening some ladies from the Rum Company Captain Morgan give out free rum and coke as part of a promotion event. All in all we had a fantastic time and we will definitely  host a PuBNiGHT again at the Blarney Stone.

Of course we took lots of pictures during the evening. You can find all the pictures of the PuBNiGHT by clicking on this link.

I’d like to thank everybody for coming out and hope to see everone again at the next PuBNiGHT. It was a very fun night and it was great so see other INTERNeX candidates. Didn’t make it to yesterday’s PuBNiGHT? Be sure to join us for the next one! On Wednesday June 23rd we will hold our first INTERNeX Got Talent Show at the Karaoke night at the Metropole! What better way is there to meet other INTERNeX candidates than to sing a song together! You can even win a price, so be sure you come check it out!