How was your weekend?

What do Granville, Chinese Garden, Playland, Bourbon and Koerners Pub have in common? They all have a ‘N’ in the word. Yes, that’s true. But they also have another thing in common. I visited all these places this weekend. Curious what I did there? Find out in the new ‘How was your weekend?’ blog post.


22501126_10212216658803668_742330225_nFriday around four o’clock people slowly were showing up in Oktoberfest style at the office. We played some German music to get in the mood for the Oktoberfest party. When it was 6 o’clock, it was time to go for the real work and we went off to Koerners Pub at UBC to have a nice Oktoberfest. We drank beers in big cups, sang along with music and danced at the outside stage.

Saturday I woke up. Barely. I knew exactly what I was going to do this day: Nothing! Laying in bed all day watch some Netflix. But when the night arrived, I had to get changed for some more drinks. Because it was the last night for Lara, we went to the Bourbon to celebrate she leaves. Just kidding, I will miss you. We played some beer pong and pool. After all a nice night.

2017-10-16 16.50.47_previewOn Sunday morning we went to the Halloween parade. We had perfect places underneath a heater and we got ourselves some food and drinks. We not only saw scary things, but also a lot of random things. From Chinese dragons to ghost busters, we saw it all. After the parade Lucas and I went to the Chinese Gardens. We learned all about the Yin and Yang of every little detail in the garden. In the night we went to the Fright Nights at Playland. We went into the attractions and haunted houses. I thought they wouldn’t scare me, but I was wrong about that part. In the haunted houses I scared a few times. After trying a BeaverTail we went home. Also had a nice weekend? Share your story at the next PuB NiGHT.

– Bart

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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend?

I think I am slowly getting used to the weather in Vancouver. Just like my grandma always told me: There’s no bad weather, there’s just bad clothing. A proper rain coat, rubber boots and umbrella and you’re fully set to defy the rain! Don’t call me crazy but I jumped around in puddles last night and loved it – this must be a sign of me becoming a true Vancouverite. 🙂

Puddle jumping is not what I’m planning on doing all weekend though, so here’s what’s on in the city:


Get scared at the PNE Fright Nights

Fright Nights possesses Playland from October 17th-31st and features 6 fright houses, including the new house FEAR, 13 rides, The Monsters of Schlock and their horrifying comedy act plus other terrifying shows and attractions. This place will bring you face-to-face with your innermost nightmares, houses of horror will expose you to the creatures born of pure evil and many thrilling rides are included in the admission! My colleague recommended this to me yesterday on the way to work, sounded HORRIBLE…Buy cheaper tickets online and bypass the ticket booth.

Where? Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) 2901 East Hastings Street, take bus 135 or 16 from downtown

When? October 17th-31st 2012

How much? 1-day Admission passes from $28


Treat yourself at the Baker’s Market

If you have a “sweet tooth”, this is the place for you. Inspired by traditional farmers markets in Vancouver, this market is even better since it is indoors. You’ll find talented budding, professional or home bakers selling fresh artisanal breads, soft German pretzels, butter croissants, chocolate croissants, cupcakes, yummy cookies, hand made chocolates, brownies, Belgian Liege waffles,vegan cupcakes, gluten-free baked goods and much more! This sounds just delicious, right?! Mmmh! Visit their website.

Where? Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, 7646 Prince Albert Street

When? Saturdays from Oct. 6 – Dec. 8, 2012; 11 am – 3 pm


Enjoy the BC Craft Beer Month

From October 1st to 31st, 2012, British Columbia will celebrate craft beer like only British Columbians can. With more than 50 breweries and brew pubs dedicated to the craft, this year’s event promises to be spectacular. For this weekend, Doolin’s Irish Pub is hosting a Beer Battle where four 4 local breweries compete to sell out their kegs to the pub for the month of November. Your ticket includes 4 pints of beer! Here’s the official website for you.

Where? Doolin’s Irish Pub, 654 Nelson Street at Granville

When? Friday, Oct 19th from 7pm

How much? $25 (incl. 4 pints of beer)

Have a great weekend everyone and let us know what you got up to!



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INTERNeX Canada: Meike’s Pictures

Meike particpated in the Picture your life contest, and she won one the canucks tickets! today I would like to share her beatufiul pictures and great story you.

The first one should be of my new home. But to be honest: It’s just a small appartment with no charme! But THIS is the charme of my appartment: THE VIEW!!! I can see the mountains and the water! Every morning on my way to work I have this awesome view!!! And every day I am breathless!!! In summer it was amazing and as the first rain started… Even this was amazing!!! And now with the snow… Just amazing 😉

The second one is with the best colleagues in the world!!! I work at a preschool for kids with disabillities. I would love to show you some of them but I am not allowed. So I show you this picture! It was taken on a field trip with the school to the Pumpkin Patch!!! The kids could choose a pumpkin to take home and curve it. We did a haywagon ride and sang some songs and after that field trip most of the kids fell asleep on the way back to school.

As you can imagine the kids are soooooo cute!!!! Even when a day was hard and you wish you would have stayed in bed… Just a smile from this little (they are 3-5 years old), adoreable kids and your thought is gone! It’s so overwhelming to see them grow. On their first days they were so shy and it was so hard to say “good bye” to mommy and daddy but now it’s just a short “bye mommy” and they play with their friends.

One day I was in another classroom and I met “my kids” outside they just came to me, running and screeming :”Meike, we miss you! You have to come back!” On that point… Oh my god I had tears in my eyes!!!

Now picture three: My favorite place!!! GRANVILLE ISLAND!!! This picture shows you the view from “my place”. I try as often as I can to go Granville Island, have a Falafel and an Iced Tea and than I just sit on the bench and relax! I watch the people walk by, watch the Boats on thWater and forgett all the trouble around!!! I could spend a whole day there… Just walk, watch and relax!

On the fourth picture you see what I do when I am not at work: I go out with some friends! This picture was taken on the “Fright Night” at PNE. Usually I don’t like to get scared but this night was sooooo funny! All the actors were so amazing! We laughed so much and even though it was f….. cold!!!! We didn’t care! We walked trough the park again and again and we ride the Rollercoaster again and again (and we had to wait a long time everytime!!!). If I would life here I would be at the PNE every Weekend!!!!

The last picture was easy to choose for me becaus it was THE DAY of all days here. I decided to do a Whale watching Trip!!! I was a little bit scared because my last time on a boat was sooo bad!!! I was so sea-sick. But I alway wanted to see Orcas so I had to choose: To be scared and maybe regret it or just take the risk an do it! So I did it!!! The sun was shining and the Tourguide was so amazing so it became the best day ever! After 7 hours of just sitting in the Vessel we finally arrived a place where we could see some of the best animals in the world: Orcas! They are so friendly and so elegant… I can’t find the words to describe these animals! And as soon as you have seen them… They were gone! So it was not easy to get a picture of them. I just decided to watch them with my eyes and not with my camera. But I think this picture will show you how beautiful this moment was! Just to see how they swim next to you (and three of them were so close to our boat… We could have touch them!!!) and how the little ones play in the water… I would do it again and again and again!!!! And I didn’t get sea-sick but I had a sunburn at my face! But it was worth it!!!

Once again congratuatulations with your prize! And thanks for sharing your great pictures and story with us!

Cheers, Lydia

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Running from Dead Corpses and Evil Clowns at Fright Night


Just a recap of yesterday night – INTERNeX went to Fright Night.

With the eery and dark atmosphere, it was a perfect way to accompany the frightful night that was awaiting us.


Our first stop was The Asylum.  There was fog and smoke, and of course darkness.  We tried to hold hands throughout the walk down the dark and narrow corridors.  

As we walked through, there were rattling doors and loud knocks on the door with screams demanding to be let out.

Our second stop was Hollywood Horrors.  The scariest part was a Freddie Kuger look-alike suddenly running after us.  There were many Jason’s with masks and chainsaws lurking in the corners.

Our third stop was the Car-n-Evil Haunted Clown House.  There were already two clowns greeting us.  Talk about a phobia of clowns! Now I know why – with their masked deceptive smiles and evil eyes peering back at you, it would send chills down anybody’s spine!

An interesting feature they have is the 3D glasses! As you walk through the Clown House, you see layers of footprints on top of the ground, and splattered paint and blood around the walls.  The 3D experience increases the intensity of the fear as every clown seems to pop out at you!

Our fourth stop was The Darkness.  As the name implies, the whole house was dark, and it was hard to even step one foot in front of the other.  This one had rattling beds, and a dead corpse that tries to crawl out to catch you.  

Our fifth and final stop was the Haunted Mansion.  It was the most fun-filled, as we see a family of dead corpses lying around.  One of the girl had a doll in her hand, crawling the ground to catch you.  There were alot of dead corpses tied by their heads hanging by the exit, so you had to swat your way through the dead corpses before you exit the house!

There are also rides included in the ticket, so we got to catch a few!

The scariest part was having costumed people sneak up on you.  Yesterday, there was Jason running after you with his chain-saw, dead corpse, dead children, clowns, and many more!

If you still want to go, contact me (Tracy) and I can help you get a deal. Fright Night ends on October 31, 2010.

Come join us for our upcoming Pub Night this coming wednesday!!!

Newbies @ PubNight and FrIgHt NiGhT!

Hello All,

Sorry for the lack of blogs, but I have been under the weather…and now, with a few tweaks here and there, I am back up and running!

I saw some new people to our regular pub nights yesterday.  It is always great to meet new faces and have our group expand into a very multi-cultural community at INTERNeX.  

As promised from yesterday, I will blog about the upcoming events since you all told me that apparently you read the blogs! 

First of all, let me have a warm welcome to Sven, who attended his very first pub night.

And a sad goodbye to Christina who is leaving this Saturday! 

I am surprised at how quickly we bond over a beer and talk about everything under the sun from vancouver, your home country to relationships and philosophy!

And now, for further news, I am updating you all on the upcoming FRIGHT NIGHT I have been preaching to all of you about over the several past pub nights!


OCTOBER 15, 2010.

Please PURCHASE tickets from me:

What does this include? 

  • 5 haunted houses (so for those who like a little variety, you get to try out different ways to be spooked: from 4D clowns, to crazy docs and patients, to classic Hollywood villains)
  • Unlimited Rides: corkscrew, PNE’s timeless wooden roller-coaster, Pirate Ship, and many more….
  • Exhibitions and Shows: for those who want to lay back and enjoy the show!

I will post the deadline and a reminder closer to the date, but preferably by Monday!

Signing Off,


fReAkY FrIGhT NiGhT!

Enter if you dare...

Mark your calendars for October 15th! Limited time to purchase tickets!!!

That night would be one of your most memorable, scary but amazing experiences.

You will celebrate one of Canada’s most cherished and beloved holidays – HALLOWEEN!

The event takes place at the Pacific National Exhibition.  PNE is a non-profit organization that hosts both the Fair as well as Playland during the summers.

For October, PNE is transforming its entire place into a Halloween-themed event.

We will go through 5 haunted houses and after being all shooken up, we will hop onto some of PNE’s most famous rides, such as the Wooden Roller Coaster, The Corkscrew, and Pirate Ship.

If haunted houses or rides are too much of an adrenaline-rush, you can visit some of the exhibits, such as the “History of Execution Display”.  There, you will get a look into the torture devices used since the beginning of time.  There will also be sights and sounds to stimulate your senses: a junkyard symphony filled with music created from everyday objects, and geometric designs set on fire by the Kinshara Fire Performers.

You really wouldn’t want to miss this action-packed night of spine-tingling, hair-raising fun!!!

DATE: October 15, 2010

TIME:   7p.m.

PRICE:   $28

For tickets or more information, please contact: