Experience IT Review – Granville Island

Yesterday the INTERNeX family went to Granville Island. Thank you for coming!

Granville Island is a small island next to downtown Vancouver. You can go there by aquataxi or by bus. The main attraction on Granville Island is the public market where you can get delicious food and fresh groceries. Once there you can also choose to go to the Granville Island Brewery, one of the first breweries in Vancouver. There you can get good tasters.

19197638_10209199577487499_160227860_oIt was great weather for a Granville Island day; the sun was shining and lots of people were sitting outside enjoying the food they bought. A lot of the outside terraces were open, which made it much more lively on the streets of Granville Island. We first went to the public market, where we did a quick round. It took a long time before we found the best deal, as there are a lot of stands where they sell veggies and fruits. After we checked out several stands, I decided to be a bit more healthy and bought some nice and big strawberries. Then we checked out all the food stands of Granville Island. I keep getting amazed by their big variety and it therefore took a while before I got my bratwurst. When we filled our stomaches, we decided to go to downtown to do some shopping for the summer.

I hope you all had a great weekend and see you at PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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Smart Saver

This time we have a super cheap grocery smart saver in China town for you guys.

If you want to buy watermelons for $1 or three cucumbers for $1 or maybe you are more fan of strawberries for a $1, than you should go and visit the Sunrise Market in Chinatown. The Sunrise market is located on 300 Powell street, just of Main street. They do not only sell cheap vegetables and fruits, but also basic groceries. The market is open everyday from 8am to 6pm.

Sunrise market is a asian run grocery shop, which you will notice as soon as you see the store. Asian people running around talking to each other and than there is you, standing in the middle of all of it buying your cheap grocery, couldn’t get any better.

If you go, do not let the look of the store scare you away, it is not a no frills, nesters or any of the other supermarket.

See you there

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Smart Saver Vancouver

This week I would to introduce two different places where you can buy cheap food. It is always interesting to know some places  where you can save money! The more money you save on food the more money left to do to fun things in you leisure time!

Sunrise Market
At the Sunrise Market in China town you can probably buy the cheapest fruits and vegetables in the city. For $10 you can buy a bag full of all kinds of fruits and vegetables! The Sunrise Market is located close to the INTERNeX office, it is only a 5 minute walk from there. So if you would like  to save money and eat healthy, then this is a good place to go!

Where: 300 Powell St

Freshslice Pizza
Freshslice Pizza is a nice pizza place, and they are located all around the city of Vancouver! Every Tuesday they have a special offer, namely any slice of pizza for $1 at any location.

Where: Click here for the store finder
How do you save money in the city of Vancouver? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Cheers, Lydia

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INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the Week

The pictures of this week is taken on the public market located on  Granville Island. I really love  going to Granville Island since it gives me many great opportunities for photographing. I love the atmosphere, the view, the musicians on the street, the souvenir shops, nice restaurants, and of course the market. On the market you can buy all  ingredients you need to make any lovely meal.

Send me  your coolest, funniest, and most beautiful pictures, because we might post your picture  as ‘picture of the week’ and then you will win an awesome prize!

have a great day!


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Intro To Granville Island

Granville Island - Public Market

If you’re new to Canada, specifically Vancouver, you’re probably looking for a place of attraction and representative of the Canadian culture.

One of the place you should stop by is Granville Island.  It is a place located in the middle of an island.  In it, you will meander through many chic shops filled with culture – souvenirs unique to Canada, some specially made by artists.

Granville Island has an eclectic collection of art, artisan beverages, international food, and exciting entertainment.  There will always be a musician inside the Public Market belting out a tune.

Alot of the food are from farmer’s markets.  Therefore, the fruit and baked goods are fresh, locally grown, and organic.

I will blog further information on Granville Island later on.

Stay tuned for attractions, cruises, and fresh market place foods and flowers!!