PuB Night Review: Donnellans

Thank you all for joining us last night at our PuB NiGHT in the Donnellans Irish Pub.

Donnellans is a pretty new pub located on Granville Street in Granville Entertainment District. They frequently have live musicians performing at the pub. A fun fact of the pub is that all the employees who are working at Donnellans are also actually from Ireland.

Our night started after work when Bart and I first went to eat something at the Moose.

22323836_1493173117438021_1256956700_o.jpgAfter my amazing nachos we decided to go to the pub to get a drink already. I had one of the shots called Oreo Cookies which is a pretty weird shot but it does taste like Oreo cookies.

After some more people showed up and after some drinks we decided to end our night in the karaoke bar where we of course sang some fun songs.

I hope you all had an amazing time last night and I wish you all a nice long weekend!!


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