Pub Night Review

It’s the day after Pub Night, sometimes referred to Hangover-Thursday. Yesterday we went to the lovely Irish Pub on Granville and Nelson. We were around 20 INTERNeX people, quite a lot 🙂

Of course we had our usual drinks and food. For those who did not tried the food it is pretty good and the burger which was eaten at the opposite of me, looked delicious. However for the ‘healthy’ ones underneath us the salad is also very good. Besides food and drinks, there was also some fussball matches going on and of course the usual talk about what’s going on on the weekend. Let’s cross our fingers for the weekend that the sun is coming out and we can enjoy our bike ride through Stanley park!

On Monday the first soccer game for Germany will be played and of course we will be cheering for Germany from Canada. If you want you can join us to watch the game at 9am at Sciue on 800 pender street next to the Pacific Centre. It is a nice Italian bistro sweet menu cart, a breakfast is around $6. You are free to join us.

See you on Saturday! 

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