PR-team Adventures

Since finding some sweet deals for you can be quite hard in Vancouver, we are changing our blogposts a bit. We are still aiming to find great offers for you with the Smart Saver Vancouver, but we will only post the blogposts every other week from now on. To still keep you entertained, we are going to post some of our adventures in Canada. Those can be some fun things we experience in the office, excited trips we have made, or just random but great stories we want to share with you guys! We are starting off with some pranks we pull in the office.

So Becky, our crazy English girl in the office, went on a little trip to Toronto. Although we missed her since it was so quiet without her in the office, we always like to pull a prank when people come back in the office again. Since she is so excited with geo-cashing, a sort of treasure hunt on the streets worldwide, we decided to make a Becky-cashing.
After some good stalking on Facebook, we found great faces of our lovely Becky. We made them smaller, printed them and placed them all over the office. There was a Becky in the microwave, one on the milk and a few between all the pictures on our picture wall. Yeah, good luck with finding those Becky.

For a more warming welcome, we made her a little treasure map. As soon shbeckytreasurehunte set step into the office, the hunt began. It was so funny to see how excited she was! Although she had a treasure map, she was almost too excited to see all her pretty faces and she missed some really obvious ones. But in the end she had all of them; 28 Becky faces.

We still have not removed all the faces yet, so we can still have a laugh! So if you are stopping by the office and take a look at Becky’s desk, it might be possible to see some beautiful Becky faces.

I hope to see you all tonight at PuB NiGHT to even have a bigger laugh, some drinks and chatting of course 🙂

– Tess

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