What to do on the weekend?

Open the beer bottles, put on your casual clothes and prepare yourself for the parties. Weekend just started! For people who love the circus, Vancouver is the place to be. Maybe you already saw the big tents at the Pacific Boulevard and were wondering what is happening there. From this weekend on Cirque du Solei is giving big shows every weekend till December. Enjoy magic shows, acrobatics and much more.


On 31 October we will go to the Halloween party at nightclub Studio. You can sign up now, so you won’t miss this great party. Prepare yourself well by going Halloween shopping this Saturday. We will meet in front of Value Village to get the best costume for you. And we have got something special for you. We will give away two free tickets! One ticket for the person with the scariest costume and the other ticket for the person with the funniest costume.

After the shopping there is enough time to go to the Kitsilano Autumn Fair. This is a free community event with a lot of activities both indoor and outdoor. The event will take place from 10 am till 3 pm.

Of course there are a lot of Halloween events going on like Ghost Train in Stanley Park, Fright Nights at Playland or Bear Creek Halloween Trains and Potter’s House of Horrors in Surrey. Whatever you decide to do, or decide to do nothing at all, I hope you have a great weekend!

– Bart

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INTERNeX HiGHLIGHTSIn this episode of our INTERNeX Highlights, we will talk about all the things we did in September, everything we have planned for October (and some more) and, of course, the biggest event there is for this month – Halloween!

Taking a look at the video, you will hear about our summer ending party at the HI hostel at Jericho Beach, about the Giant’s hockey game we went to, about the nice afternoon at the flea market, our big monthly trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and the sunny start of October.

Other than that, we will keep you updated on our plans for October (and maybe something big in November?). From haunted houses over frightening nights and our highlight of the month: The big Halloween party at the Blarney Stone! Especially for that, we will give you a few tips where to get costumes and how to dress up for this ever present monthly highlight.

Take a look at find out about the details 🙂

See you around,


INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend

Another crazy QuiZ Night is over and we plan the weekend again. After our night out at the Warehouse and much laughter due to our quiz, multiple choice, and grinding half naked waiters (!), we’re now looking forward to a relaxed beginning of the month of Halloween.

For everyone not used to this holiday, we planned a trip to the Stanley Park’s Ghost Train. It is a famous Halloween attraction and originally designed for kids. However, as a nice and fun introduction to the horror month, it’s exactly right to get in the mood for spook.

And then of course, it is the Thanksgiving weekend! On Monday we are having our Thanksgiving dinner at the Irish Heather and are looking forward to a traditional dish of North American turkey dinner. If you haven’t registered yet on Facebook, you might want to do it now, because the deadline is tonight. Well, hope to see you around…











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Ride the Ghost Train


Ride aboard the Ghost Train!


Since I am a BIG fan of Halloween, I love writing about the many events happening around Vancouver and nearby cities that you can participate in to test how brave you are in the face of terror.  

I went aboard Stanley Park’s Ghost Train last year, and it was a very fun experience! 

This year, the theme is “Alice in Nightmareland”.  Of course, if you are familiar with Disney’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland”, you will know what kind of theme they are going with.  It will be Alice in Wonderland turned upside-down.  

What does that mean? 

You will follow the rabbit down the rabbit-hole, only this is deep into a nightmare and not a dream.  On your ghost train ride, you will encounter demonic playing cards, the evil and feisty queen who is always on the lookout, screaming “off with your head”! 

Just remember to come out with your head intact in the process.

If you prefer to skip the train, there is also an illuminating assortment of lights and Halloween-themed displays.  In addition, you get access into the Haunted Farmyard.  In there, you will see all kinds of creatures, even live ones!

Check out the 2010 Stanley Park Ghost Train: