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With Halloween coming up, I learn more and more interesting things about this awesome town. Did you know that Vancouver is not only one of the most livable cities, but also a city that is pretty haunted? Basically it seems to be that nice a town; people don’t even want to leave it once they died. Vancouver seems to have its fair share of ghostly inhabitants.

One of the most haunted places seems to be The Old Spaghetti Factory down in Gastown. Can you believe that? This nice cozy place is supposedly haunted by a uniformed tram conductor, who likes to sit in the old trolley train inside the restaurant after hours. And according to some sources, this is not the only ghost there…

Also very strange is the so called ‘Lady in Red’ of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. She seems to be a good ghost and they even named a drink after her, but I would sure feel weird, if the elevator just stops in the 14th floor without anyone pushing button and her appearing in the distance…spooky!

And all of you know the Waterfront Station, right? It seems that it is no good idea to be there late at night, because furniture could actually start moving. Imagine that, going by the wooden benches in the entrance hall and one of them suddenly coming alive and walking towards you… whooo, nope, not good!

However the absolute highlight seems to be the Hycroft Manor. Today it is part of Vancouver’s college campus, but from 1911 to 1942, it was the home of WW1 hero General Alexander Duncan McRae and his wife Blaunche McRae. They used to throw luxurious parties with lots of VIP guests, apparently even including some royalty. Both, the ghost of the general and his wife, have been seen on the grounds. But not only them: It has been reported that there are up to seven different ghosts haunting the old mansion at night, one of them being a crying man, who can be heard sobbing in the basement… gruesome!

These are just a few examples. There are many websites dedicated to all the haunted places in Vancouver, if you want to check them out, this is an example. And if you have seen a ghost here yourself, tell us about it below.

Have a happy spooky weekend!



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Ride the Ghost Train


Ride aboard the Ghost Train!


Since I am a BIG fan of Halloween, I love writing about the many events happening around Vancouver and nearby cities that you can participate in to test how brave you are in the face of terror.  

I went aboard Stanley Park’s Ghost Train last year, and it was a very fun experience! 

This year, the theme is “Alice in Nightmareland”.  Of course, if you are familiar with Disney’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland”, you will know what kind of theme they are going with.  It will be Alice in Wonderland turned upside-down.  

What does that mean? 

You will follow the rabbit down the rabbit-hole, only this is deep into a nightmare and not a dream.  On your ghost train ride, you will encounter demonic playing cards, the evil and feisty queen who is always on the lookout, screaming “off with your head”! 

Just remember to come out with your head intact in the process.

If you prefer to skip the train, there is also an illuminating assortment of lights and Halloween-themed displays.  In addition, you get access into the Haunted Farmyard.  In there, you will see all kinds of creatures, even live ones!

Check out the 2010 Stanley Park Ghost Train: