Smart Saver Vancouver

It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for the Smart Saver! We found some great deals for you to help save some money.

If you would like to go out to watch a movie, it’s a good idea to do that on a Tuesday at Cineplex since they offer cheaper tickets for “Cineplex Tuesdays”. Instead of the regular $ 11.99 admission you will only have to pay $ 7.99, which is a pretty good price for going to the movies. If going out to watch a movie is something you like doing more often I would also recommend becoming a SCENE member, this will give you an additional 10% discount and you can earn points to get rewards.

When you’re doing groceries it might be a good idea to check out certain products at 7 Eleven. They have great deals on soda’s and chips. They also serve food such as hotdogs and pizzas that are cheap and a good option if you’re in a hurry or just looking for a quick snack.

Using a foreign bank account can become quite expensive if you take a look at the fees, so a lot of people choose using cash instead. When you withdraw money there is usually a fee attached as well, but Iris found out that the HSBC machines charge you only $2 instead of the usual $3. However, you might be one of the lucky ones that can use Scotia banks Global ATM Alliance, which means you won’t get charged any extra fees at all. Only certain banks are a part of the Global ATM Alliance, click here to go to their website to check if your bank is part of the alliance.

Going out for dinner doesn’t have to be expensive in Vancouver, you just got to make sure you go to the right spot. Something everybody likes is pasta and we found two great places to go. First off there is Ciao Bella, a real Italian restaurant where you get 50% off on meals every Monday and Tuesday night and everyday at lunch. Then there is The Old Spaghetti Factory, here you can get a three course menu for only $15.

You might have noticed that yesterday was Valentine ’s Day, so if you really like chocolate like most of us in the office do (except for me), you might be able to score some that are on sale!

Hope to see all of you tonight at Tap & Barrel!!

– Danielle

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